Achieve the Industrial Look of Your Dreams With Silestone’s New Surface Collection

Silestone’s new collection is inspired by industrial spaces, helping you create the chic and hard-wearing look with ease.

In the mid-20th century, many large factories, workshops and warehouses in major cities worldwide were turned into loft or open-plan housing, and since then, the raw vibe of cement, beams, pipes and unfinished surfaces has taken off. Unvarnished with an edge, the look has its own character, yet the mostly neutral palette of greys, blacks, creams and bronzes work as an ideal base for adding your own personal touches.

When it comes to creating a loft or industrial-style aesthetic, surfaces play a big role in evoking an authentic feel. Capture the look effortlessly with Cosentino Silestone’s new Loft collection. The series consists of five variants, each inspired by an iconic neighbourhood known for its distinctive industrial style.


Camden gets its name from London’s hip, alternative neighbourhood. Home to countless artists, the bustling area is multicultural and rich in history and colour. To contrast against the busyness, Camden is a soft cement grey with subtle white veining. It has a more homogenous appearance, making it a dream to layer on top of and decorate.

squarerooms quartz cosentino silestone kitchen surface countertop white

Silestone Loft: Camden


Poblenou is a warmer shade of grey with a sandy look inspired by the Mediterranean Barcelona neighbourhood. It has a more family-friendly feel that’s modern yet laid back. It’s also brighter and more vibrant, just like the sunny beach locale teeming with festivals and dotted with galleries and markets.

squarerooms quartz cosentino silestone kitchen surface countertop white

Silestone Loft: Poblenou


Seaport gets its name from the Manhattan’s Southeastern waterfront district, where sun-bleached wood, bricks and concrete are juxtaposed against the city’s dazzling skyscrapers. Resembling weathered cement, dark grey Seaport has flecks of white to deliver just the right amount of visual interest without being distracting.

squarerooms cosentino silestone kitchen surface countertop grey quartz

Silestone Loft: Seaport


Nolita (North of Little Italy) is another nod to New York City. The streets are zingy and historical with a no-nonsense vibe. Similarly the surface has a cooler appearance, with white and grey tones blending together to create an elegant and timeless look.

squarerooms quartz cosentino silestone kitchen surface countertop white

Silestone Loft: Nolita


Corktown is inspired by the Detroit neighbourhood that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, going from booming industries to falling into decay. Yet its constant renewal has added layers of character, inspiring Corktown’s resilient and deep black hue blended with touches of brown to give the surface a timeworn character.

squarerooms cosentino silestone kitchen surface countertop black quartz

Silestone Loft: Corktown

Silestone’s Loft collection has the distinction of being the first to utilise Hybriq technology, a new production process that renews the company’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. The result of three years of hard work and research by Cosentino’s Environment and Innovation and Product teams, the new production method utilises reused raw materials such as recycled glass, cuts down on crystalline silica, and is run with 98% recycled water and 100% renewable energy. Even with these Earth-friendly changes, Silestone’s renowned quality and beauty still remain, along with the brand’s 25-year warranty.

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