6 Things the SquareRooms Team Is Doing While Stuck at Home


During these difficult times, the SquareRooms team is taking this circuit breaker seriously and leaving the house as little as possible. While being stuck at home can be frustrating, we have found little pockets of joy in trying new things and using our time as best as we can. If you are stumped for ideas and bored out of your mind, here are some of the team’s activities to inspire your own.

When going out is not an option and you save time on commuting, cooking suddenly seems much more appealing. Our Art Director, Leyna, has been using her precious extra time to make some meals for her family. To get ideas for her cooking, she’s been watching Mrs Macarons on YouTube, a Korean channel providing lots of inspiration in the kitchen. Not only does this make for some healthy, home-cooked meals, but it also allows her to spend more time with her family.


Image courtesy of Oldmermaid

While drinks are not quite as popular as food, they can be dearly missed at home. As a big drinker of juice, Yaiza decided to take matters into her own hands and get hold of plenty of fresh fruits to make her own juice. As our Content Writer has now discovered, fruits yield very little liquid, so her top tip would be to add in a bit of milk and make it into a healthy smoothie. Milk alternatives work just as well!


Image courtesy of Steve Buissinne

If cooking tutorials are not your thing, YouTube has plenty of other videos to offer. To stay fit and keep up her morale, Wen Xuan, our Marketing Executive, has been following exercise routines by YouTube stars like Chloe Ting and Pamela Reif. As she points out, “all you need is a mat and you’re good to go.”


Tidying up
Cleaning and tidying are not exactly popular hobbies, but staying at home 24/7 can become increasingly unpleasant in a messy space. To make your stay at home more bearable, follow what our Intern, Gladys, is doing and give your wardrobe a bit of a do-over. If you watch Marie Kondo while tidying, it can even turn into a fun activity!


Image courtesy of Mong Design

Doing fun activities during a pandemic can be unsettling. For those who are too anxious to undertake a new hobby, there are ways to turn your worries into little projects instead. To keep herself safe and occupied, our Assistant Marketing Manager, Pei Ling, decided to make her own hand sanitiser from scratch using just 2 cups of rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of aloe vera gel. You can even invite your family to help you play around with different ingredients for some health-conscious bonding.


Image courtesy of Rosina-Sch

While renovating might not be your top priority, a fuss-free home makeover can go a long way in making your surroundings for the next few weeks more appealing. For an easy do-it-yourself makeover, Creative Director Aris is planning to redo her floor with stick-and-peel vinyl. The application is fast and beginner-friendly, with a low-maintenance result that can be easily removed. If you’ve mastered your flooring and are craving something a little more creative, why not try your hand at DIY wall-art next?


Image courtesy of Pergo