SquareRooms x Gain City Big Reno Project Punggol Drive BTO Unit Progress Report Part 2


Two weeks ago, we announced our collaboration with Gain City for the Big Renovation Project, and also gave you the first progressive report on the renovation of a 4-room resale BTO unit in Punggol Drive. Picking up from there, the second part of the renovation saw the laying of new surface materials in both the communal and bathroom areas, and also the installation of new built-in fixtures. Let’s take a look at the second progress report of this home’s renovation thus far.

  1. Communal areas
    Catering to the homeowner’s request for a modern-industrial themed home, the original white homogeneous tiles were hacked away and replaced with timber strip flooring. Meanwhile, even though both the living and dining zones share one communal space, there will be a distinct difference between the two, where the surrounding walls of the dining area will be cladded over in a grey stucco effect.
  2. Kitchen
    In the newly carved out kitchen, the original white tiles were hacked away and replaced with grey homogeneous ones. Meanwhile, storage cabinets were constructed out of black and wood-effect laminates, which imbue the utilitarian zone with a masculine yet modern look.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-During-Renovation-Progress-7
  3. Kitchen exterior
    In addition to the differences in flooring material, the kitchen and living spaces will further be demarcated by a black aluminium-framed glass sliding door. By doing so, natural light allowed to filter through. In addition, the two zones can also be kept separate from each other in the event of heavy cooking sessions or when the air-conditioner is switched on.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-During-Renovation-Progress-8
  4. Master en suite
    Simple yet elegant, the surfaces in the master bath were clad over in a combination of marble-effect, patterned and black homogeneous tiles. Meanwhile, an expanded vanity takes up the full stretch of one wall. Constructed out of black and wood laminates, this built-in fixture draws visual and design consistency to the cabinets in the kitchen.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-During-Renovation-Progress-6

We will be revealing the completed renovation soon, so keep a lookout for the big reveal to be published in the print and digital editions of SquareRooms.

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