SquareRooms x Gain City Big Reno Project Punggol Drive BTO Unit Progress Report Part 1

Ever wondered how a renovation is planned and executed? For the next couple of months, SquareRooms is collaborating with Gain City for the Big Renovation Project where we will give you an inside look at three home renovations from start to finish. We have been granted unlimited access to the homeowners’ renovation journeys and will be giving you progressive reports on each phase of their home makeover. This will be followed by final reveals of the completed projects on the SquareRooms website and magazine.

The first home we are featuring is a 4-room resale BTO unit in Punggol Drive and is currently occupied by a bachelor. This 6-week renovation is being undertaken by interior design firm Rezt & Relax. In the first part of the home renovation, original flooring materials are being stripped away to make way for new ones, and plans are underway to expand the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the progress report of this home’s renovation thus far.

  1. Living room
    With a modern-industrial theme in mind, the original white homogeneous tiles were hacked away and will be replaced with timber strip flooring.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-Before-Renovation-Progress-11
  2. Service yard
    The original bi-fold doors and a section of the partition wall were removed to open up the floor plan between the kitchen and the adjoining service yard.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-Before-Renovation-Progress-9
  3. Kitchen
    While the kitchen flooring will still see the use of homogeneous tiles, the new selection will feature a different design in an off-white shade, giving the utilitarian zone a more modern and updated look.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-Before-Renovation-Progress-12
  4. Kitchen exterior
    To create an expanded cooking zone, the original kitchen entrance was demolished and the floor area extended to the opposite wall. Additionally, a glass sliding door will separate this and the adjoining living area, while still allowing plenty of light to filter through both spaces.SquareRooms-Gain-City-Home-1-Before-Renovation-Progress-10

Keep a lookout for the next progress report where we delve into the built-in fittings and building materials the owner has picked out.

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