Style Guide: How to Bring the Dreamy Desert Look into Your Home


If minimalism is your cup of tea, the dusty desert look will be right up your alley. Characterised by warm tones, neutral colours, natural elements and raw, unfinished surfaces, this style combines a love of pared-down spaces with an absolutely soothing ambience for a home you will never want to leave.

Raw surfaces

squarerooms king living jasper bed neutral desert minimalist tones storage frame

Image courtesy of KING. A fabric bed frame often complements textured walls.

A sure-fire way to pull off the desert interiors is with raw, unfinished surfaces. Think stucco or concrete screed with plenty of texture.

squarerooms Ferm Living desert style minimalist warm aesthetic look home seating corner brick wall folding chairs

Image courtesy of Ferm Living. While you shouldn’t overdo it, a few plants can help to liven up this neutral style and avoid monotony.

Exposed brick can evoke a similar feel, although you will need to be more careful to not slip into the industrial aesthetic. Keep the brick low-key and stay in the neutral-tones territory. Faux brick is a good option too, although it looks less authentic up-close.

squarerooms Studio FortyFour bathroom minimalist desert look aesthetic grey wall pink door countertop sink

Design by Studio FortyFour.

If you’re fitting out the bathroom, opt for tiles with a textured, uneven finish to recreate the stucco look while keeping things low-maintenance.

Warm tones

squarerooms HIFA Design Studio bathroom minimalist desert aesthetic look design interior cream neutral shower luxury relaxing spa

Design by HIFA Design Studio. Glossy tiles are not the best choice to pull off this design style, but they are often the most low-maintenance option in the bathroom. Try to balance out the gloss with matte surfaces.

Many interior styles are minimalist in nature, but not all of them make use of the same tones. The desert look is very much defined by the warm, welcoming tones in its colour palette, encompassing beige, cream, sand, champagne and similar hues.

Oak and Orange The Palm Co living room rock wall feature tv neutral minimalist desert style warm

Image courtesy of Oak and Orange/The Palm Co. If you implement a striking feature wall with lots of texture, keep the surroundings simple and pared-down, otherwise you’ll overwhelm the eye.

These neutral colours can be applied as wall paint, stone features, tiling and fittings. You can even make the surroundings appear warmer by installing yellow-hued lighting in predominantly white rooms, although the effect won’t be quite as convincing in the daytime.

squarerooms-grohe-bathroom-spa-home design minimalist warm desert style

Image courtesy of GROHE. Find the desert hues too repetitive all over the room? Bring in some contrast with dark stone flooring.

While warmer shades like champagne are the most well-suited for this style, slightly cooler hues can work well too. Give creamy tiles and paint shades like linen and Navajo white a try and see how you feel about them.


squarerooms Burondo desert neutral aesthetic dining room kitchen open space wood

Design by Burondo. Simple, low-hanging lamps with clean lines help to keep this hyper-minimalist look on the right track.

It almost goes without saying, but the dreamy desert style is not flattered by clutter. Try to keep home decor, display items and other knick-knacks at a minimum and only show off the essentials. Bare walls are especially popular in this style, so if you love to hang up family photos and lots of artwork, “desert dreams” interiors may not be for you!

squarerooms interior home styling design furniture decorating free complimentary shop singapore local desert warm dusty minimalist bedroom stone wood galllery278

Image courtesy of Gallery278.

Pick no-frills furnishings with minimal ornamentation; leg-free sofas and beds with clean-lined platforms are your best bet at getting this style right. Try to eliminate exposed pipes and cables and keep the look of your fittings extra streamlined.

Natural elements

squarerooms Design Zage bathroom desert style minimalist wood grey rocks white stone floor rustic

Design by Design Zage. Opt for furnishings and home decor with an imperfect look.

The pared-down surroundings in this interior style can begin to feel tiresome if they are not balanced with some stronger elements. This is where wood comes in, be it in the form of cabinets, dining sets or even ceiling beams.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in idealhomes vol. 13.