Style Guide: How to Transform Your Home into a Modern Pastel Haven


Pastel colours have taken the world by storm—and we’re on the bandwagon. Whether you’re looking for an all-out pastel look for the whole house or just a soothing feature wall in the kitchen, here are our favourite ways to apply pastel hues.

Delicious kitchen cabinets

SquareRooms-KDOT-Associates-kitchen pastel pink grey cabinets

Design by KDOT Associates

The kitchen is a particularly good place to infuse with some yummy colours—after all, colours can be both comforting and inspiring and have the power to awaken our appetite and creativity while cooking!

squarerooms ikea kitchen green sage grey cabinets wooden countertop cosy scandinavian apartment

Image courtesy of IKEA

Opt for soothing, low-key pastels for a down-to-earth kitchen with a relaxing vibe. Wooden countertops pair particularly well with pastel cabinets.

squarerooms eightytwo home renovation 3 room hdb resale flat interior design makeover contemporary style joo seng pink kitchen pastel colourful

Design by EightyTwo

If your kitchen is on the neutral side, a row of pastel cabinets can easily liven up the colour scheme and offer a welcome break from the monochromatic and wood tones we often see in modern homes.

squarerooms interior kitchen pastel pink yellow bright colourful bold design candy yummy delicious

Design by WEIKEN

Looking for something a little bolder? Combine pastels with stronger tones for a colourful kitchen with lots of spunk and personality.

Bright and quirky walls

SquareRooms-Salt-Studio-Interior pastel blue green turquoise wall feature open concept home flat cosy living room

Design by Salt Studio

A low-effort way to introduce pastel hues to your home is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. It’s not just easy and quick to do, but also affordable and easy to reverse if you don’t like the look of it.

If you’re up for the extra work and cost, you can also fit out the kitchen with a new pastel backsplash. Whether it’s tiles or a solid panel, a backsplash is always a good place to apply some colour.

squarerooms KompacPlus kitchen backsplash curved waves design pastel purple pink white cute cosy black sink tap faucet countertop

Image courtesy of KompacPlus

A space dedicated to relaxation and winding down, the bathroom should be soothing above all else. That’s why pastel hues are particularly suited for this area of the home—just make sure to keep things low-key and not go overboard with strong colours.

squarerooms bathroom pink white marble walls pastel hues cosy feminine cute

Design by WEIKEN

Other areas of the home could benefit from a colourful feature wall too, be it painted or in the form of pastel storage cabinets.

Yummy appliances and cookware

squarerooms Roam in Color Unsplash kitchen cookware cooking appliances pots pans white farmhouse style countertop pastel blue

Image courtesy of Roam in Color/Unsplash

An alternative to pastel cabinets that requires a little less commitment to the colour trend is pastel-hued appliances or even cookware.

squarerooms smeg toaster kitchen appliances small pastel baby blue white cabinets cream wood shelves scandi cosy minimalist

Image courtesy of SMEG

They ultimately achieve a similar effect by livening and warming up the kitchen. If you’re not sure which appliances to start with, opt for those you use in the morning, like kettles and toasters; they’ll put you in a good mood and wake you up right away!

Lively furniture

squarerooms king living fleur sofa couch armchair pink red elegant contemporary luxury high end furniture soft furnishings

Image courtesy of KING

We’ve looked at incorporating pastel colours into the kitchen and bathroom, but other areas of the home shouldn’t be neglected either. Keep an eye out for pastel furniture during your home makeover—sofas and armchairs should be especially easy to come by and will lend plenty of charm to your living room.

squarerooms Starry Homestead pastel blue grey green chairs dining room wood table minimalist cosy scandi modern home

Design by Starry Homestead

As we’ve established that colour plays a significant role in encouraging appetite and evoking comfort, the dining room is another space that we recommend infusing with some pastel hues. Consider picking up a set of colourful dining chairs—and maybe a chair for the home office while you’re at it, too.

Opening image courtesy of Studio FortyFour. This post was adapted from an article published in idealhomes vol.13.