Turn Your Tiny Kitchen Into A Pro-Level Cook-Space With These Small But Mighty Appliances

To speed up and streamline your food preparation, small appliances can come in really handy. Not only do these get the job done without making a huge mess, they also take up very little space thanks to their compact size. From food processors to toasters and kettles, here are our favourite small but mighty appliances to turn your tiny kitchen into a pro-level cook-space.

  1. Food processor
    This has several tools to perform up to 50 functions including chopping, whisking, juicing and mixing. With up to 1,250 watts of power, even demanding tasks like kneading and blending ice is no issue. The generous bowl is large enough to handle up to 1.5kg of dough while the stain and odour-resistant Tritan blender can hold 1.5 litres of liquid. For perfect results, the smart base is able to detect the accessory you place on top and determine the right speed for perfect results.


    Bosch MultiTalent 8, $549

  2. Stand mixer
    True blue bakers need a stand mixer and we love this 800-watt powerhouse that’s available in three colours. Equipped with durable, full-metal gears, it comes with a wire whisk and pouring shield along with dishwasher-safe, non-stick accessories such as a dough hook, flat beater, and a flex-edge beater that eliminates the need for scraping down the sides.


    Smeg SMF03 stand mixer, $798

  3. Hand blender
    Multi-purpose appliances are lifesavers particularly for the time-starved because they allow owners to tackle a number of tasks at a go. Since portable-sized attachments take the place of entire gadgets, a single space-saving equipment also allows you to declutter and clear cabinets and counters. Equipped with an immersion blender, universal shredder, food processor, whisk and more, the MaxoMixx is a compact set that delivers up to 1,000 watts of power and takes care of your most common cooking tasks.


    Bosch MaxoMixx, $349

  4. Coffee machine
    Performance features such as a ceramic grinder, an integrated milk carafe and one-touch access to seven café-worthy recipes make getting your daily caffeine fix quick and easy.


    Philips Saeco PicoBaristo, $2,099 from COURTS

  5. Juicer
    To preserve maximum nutrition, this slow juicer gently squeezes out juices from fruits and veggies without generating heat. It’s so gorgeous you’ll want to always leave it on the counter, the perfect reminder to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


    Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer, $1,288

  6. Electric kettle
    Who can resist this kettle’s iconic vintage looks? Aficionados of the brand will love adding this to their Smeg collection. Available in seven hues, the kettle boasts a 360° swivel base, removable limescale filters and more.


    Smeg KLF03 Kettle, $228

  7. Toaster
    It’s an apparatus most can go without, but if your household is big on breakfast, make the experience even more enjoyable with a toaster. Just remember to factor in sufficient space in your cabinet for storage. With an electronic timer that allows even toasting and an automatic centring function for uniform browning, this saves you from café-hopping to have perfect toast.


    Sencor Electric Toaster, $39.90 from HipVan

  8. Microwave oven
    It’s handy for those times when all you want to do is heat up a takeaway or last night’s leftovers. Microwave ovens primarily provide convenience as compared to warming up food on a stovetop or in a traditional oven, so try not to be tantalised by units with unnecessary functions. Compact yet spacious on the inside, this microwave oven is ideal for petite kitchens. Likewise, we dig its precise temperature control that ensures food is heated at an optimal temperature.


    LG Microwave, $225 from COURTS