These Sofas Blend Comfort and Style


Acclaimed sofa brand Kelvin Giormani debuts its first international collaboration and it’s everything you could want.

Think of international sofa brand Kelvin Giormani as the haute couture equivalent of the sofa industry. Besides using top quality materials, the Hong Kong-based brand also employs novel sewing techniques typically used on leather bags and accessories to hone in on every detail for a flawless end product. Kelvin Giormani sofas can be further personalised with the company’s popular customisation service that lets buyers specify size alterations, softness, choose from over 200 leather colours, textures, patterns and more.

After a fruitful 10 years in the business which has seen the brand branch out into countries like the United States, Japan, Denmark and Australia, Kelvin Giormani recently made its first foray into new territory with the launch of its inaugural multinational collaboration, a joint effort between award-winning founder-designer Kelvin Ng and established Italian designer Michele Mantovani.

Kelvin was the first Hong Kong Chinese designer to be awarded the Pinnacle Design Achievement Award in 2011 by American Society of Furniture Designers and he was later given the same honour from 2013 to 2015 for his innovations in leather, motion and stationary upholstery, proving his designs are highly regarded by industry leaders. Michele Mantovani is the head of his own interior design studio which has worked on architecture, furniture and interior projects all over the world. His designs have been featured in international publications such as Elle Decor, Interni and DDN.


Model Park

It was a natural partnership for the two as both creatives are passionate about design, willing to take risks and attentive to details. Their collaboration, designed with contemporary tastes in mind, gave rise to four new models: the Manhattan, Greg, Sahara and Navona.

Manhattan and Greg are your modern-day leather sofas that’ll feel even more comfortable with age. The Manhattan has a partial backrest that draws the eye into a unique, angular extension of the seat, and this surprising detail makes the Manhattan a standout conversation piece and the perfect addition for those looking for a seat that deviates from traditional blocky forms.

Greg is set to be another breakout hit, breaking away from the usual two-armrests set-up to incorporate a black glass table on one end — a stylistic and functional move. Refined wooden legs complement the supple leather seats and glass table, adding more richness to the piece.

Both Sahara and Navona are the latest motion modular sofas in Kelvin Giormani’s line-up, equipped with durable mechanisms that let users determine their favourite resting position and TV viewing angle. Smooth corners and ergonomic cushions on the Sahara remove typical constraints so customers are freer to lounge however they like.

Supported on elegant, black metal legs, the Navona has a simplicity that makes it modern and timeless at once. The ideal combination for blending into any decor. It’s equipped with adjustable headrests and footrests to fully support the entire body and eliminate stress points.

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