6 Tips to Design the Open-Concept Bathroom of Your Dreams


Combining your bedroom and bathroom can make both areas more airy and bright, but it can be a tricky combo to get right. Here are six design tips to ensure that your open-concept bathroom is a success!

Keep your lighting consistent

Utilising the same lighting across both bathroom and bedroom gives the overall space a seamlessly elegant look. To maintain the integrity of each room, employ particular design differences, such as a veined marble wall and flooring in the bathroom.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo mr shopper studio

Image courtesy of Mr Shopper Studio

Pick a colour scheme

A good flow of tones between bedroom and bathroom results in a seamless combination of the two spaces. For a touch of occasional privacy, install a curtain that blends in with the colour scheme. This will allow for an effortless, non-disruptive separation of the two areas when needed.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo UPSTAIRS_

Image courtesy of UPSTAIRS_

Don’t go overboard with decor

For a complete integration of bedroom and bathroom, it’s crucial to keep things simple. An overtly striking design will draw too much attention to the unusual arrangement of bed and sink in the same room, ultimately becoming distracting. Minimalist decor and toned-down colour schemes that interact harmoniously in both areas are a safe bet.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo UPSTAIRS_ luxury

Image courtesy of UPSTAIRS_

Incorporate luxurious finishes

For an open-concept bathroom that is reminiscent of a hotel, classy furnishing items are key. To achieve this look, opt for shiny finishes, sleek aesthetics and large-format veined marble tiles that create a seamless look. A bedroom on an elevated platform gives extra dimension to the space and helps to visually distinguish the two areas.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo icon interior design

Image courtesy of Icon Interior Design

Opt for clear doors

To find a balance between a completely open bathroom and a closed-off space, implement a glass wall with a clear door. This will afford some privacy while allowing plenty of light into both areas of the home. To maintain a good aesthetic flow, install continuous flooring across the two rooms. Unlike regular wood, the wood-style tiles in this home are waterproof so you can use them in the shower and it also makes the cleaning of both the bathroom and bedroom especially easy.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo clear glass doors hafary floor tiles

Image courtesy of Hafary

Choose the right layout for you

Not all open-concept bathrooms are fully integrated. In this home, the practical stations of the bathroom are hidden away behind a glass wall, while the more visually pleasing bathtub forms part of the bedroom. Should the need for privacy arise, a curtain separates the two areas further without disturbing the aesthetic of the room.

squarerooms open concept bathroom bedroom combo Three-D Conceptwerke

Image courtesy of Three-D Conceptwerke

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the SquareRooms Mid-Year Special 2020.