Top Ten Unique Cleaning Hacks We Found on Reddit


Widely known for its breadth of topics and treasury of life advice, Reddit has much to offer to the modern adult. Some particularly popular subreddits (Reddit’s version of discussion forums) focus on relationship advice, questions about science and asking strangers to judge one’s questionable actions. This week we decided to explore a different corner of Reddit—one dedicated to all things cleaning. After scrolling through some of the most popular and helpful posts in the subreddit, here’s our takeaway—ten unique cleaning hacks that will probably change your life.

Double mop your floors

One of the most popular posts in this subreddit is all about double mopping your floors. While mopping the traditional way can leave streaks, double mopping makes for squeaky clean floors with no marks according to this Redditor. Wondering what double mopping means? Get hold of two buckets instead of just one and separate your cleaning solution from your dirty water. Instead of dirtying your cleaning solution every time you rinse out the mop, you get to use super clean water on your floors every time, avoiding dirty streaks.

squarerooms dark wooden bamboo floor mop cleaning

Clean your dishwasher using Iron Out

Got a rusty old dishwasher? This Redditor poured some Iron Out powder into the soap tray and sprinkled some more into the rest of the appliance, then ran a cycle without any dishes. It reportedly didn’t smell very nice while it was running, but the result looks as good as new! This kind of deep clean will not only make your dishwasher more pleasant to look at, it will also allow your dishes to come out cleaner and without any funny tastes and smells.

Cut up a sponge to clean window tracks

Originally posted in a subreddit dedicated to oddly satisfying videos, this cleaning tip is indeed mesmerising to watch! The Redditor who suggested this method simply measures the gaps in the window tracks on a standard sponge, then cuts into the right places for a perfect fit. Others in the comments suggested using this trick with vinegar and even some WD-40 to keep everything sliding smoothly in more neglected corners.

squarerooms cdc sponge arm hand cleaning window

Image courtesy of CDC

Use a squeegee on your soft furnishings

If you have a fabric couch, chances are its surface is full of pet fluff and strands of hair that seem impossible to get rid of. One popular solution in this subreddit? Running a squeegee over your couch. The rubbery surface attaches to all the hair and fur easily, making it quick and simple to remove with a few simple movements. Other Redditors pointed out that this method works wonders on carpets too, especially when using a squeegee made specifically for pet fur!

Give metal cookware a new life with Bar Keepers Friend

Be it a rusty pan or a faucet covered in limescale, people on Reddit swear by Bar Keepers Friend, a popular scouring powder containing oxalic acid. This particular Redditor mixed it with some hot water and scrubbed a dirty stainless steel pan for 10-15 minutes with the mixture. Others used a similar mix, some even soaking all of their metal utensils in the solution and using it to coat their kitchen faucets, effectively removing limescale build-ups. According to a different post in the same subreddit, Bar Keepers Friend works well to clean stained bathtubs too—just make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards!

squarerooms niki nagy metal steel pans hanging kitchen wall wooden table rustic countryside farmhouse dried flowers

Image courtesy of Niki Nagy

Put your range hood filters in the dishwasher

One look at the comments under this Reddit entry will reveal that most people don’t know this cleaning hack: you can indeed pop your grimy range hood filters into your dishwasher! Make sure to wash them by themselves as combining them with dishes may result in bits of food getting stuck in the filters. You should also avoid putting range hood filters into the dishwasher if they are made with charcoal—this hack only applies to standard metal filters.

Steam your backsplash using a kettle

A hack for those of you who own an old-school kettle, this idea is a truly unique one that will cost you no extra money and can be done in minutes. Boil some hot water in your kettle and wait for the steam to exit the main opening, then move your kettle around so that the steam hits your backsplash. Ta-da, you have got yourself a free steam cleaner!

squarerooms barbara webb red kettle steam

Image courtesy of Barbara Webb

Renew your tile grout with toilet bowl cleaner

Getting rid of stubborn grout dirt can be tough. Thankfully, there seems to be a simple solution—toilet bowl cleaner! This Redditor used the Clinging Bleach Gel from Clorox, taking around two hours to renew grout that hadn’t been properly cleaned in ten years. Another poster in the same subreddit tried the same method and confirmed that it worked like magic. One safety precaution to keep in mind if you’re working in an enclosed space is to ventilate as well as possible and work in small sections to avoid exposing yourself to intense fumes. Make sure to reseal your grout once you’ve deep-cleaned it to prevent mould in the future.

Iron out water stains from your table

An ingenious solution to a common problem: water stains on your precious hardwood table! Be it marks left from mugs and glasses or larger water stains, ironing the surface of your table over a cloth seems to do the trick. A helpful contributor explained in the comments that this works because the heat of the iron helps the water that was pushed into the wood to evaporate, effectively restoring the material to its original state. A hairdryer will apparently work as well, although it will take considerably longer.

squarerooms cottonbro woman hands ironing clothes surface white iron

Image courtesy of cottonbro

Polish copper with vinegar and water

If you have copper wares sitting around the house collecting dust, it’s about time to give them a good polish! Particularly older copper items can end up getting quite dirty over time, losing their impressive shine. Boil four cups of water, add in one and a half cups of vinegar and mix in a heaped tablespoon of salt, then let your copper sit in the solution for about 30 seconds. You can then use a soft brush to go over delicate details and remove more of the grime. Finally, dry off the copper and coat it in some baby oil—according to the original poster, this whole process made her copper tray look as good as new.

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