The Best Ovens, Refrigerators and Other Kitchen Appliances for Your Home

From a seamlessly fitting refrigerator to a combi-steam oven and a tankless water purifier, here’s everything you need to set up a hardworking kitchen and cook up a storm.

Samsung Bespoke Infinite: Seamless refrigerator

squarerooms samsung bespoke infinite refrigerator fridge kitchen green cabinets

Refrigerators are notorious for leaving awkward gaps at the sides and the back no matter how nicely they’re installed, trapping dust and dirt over time.

The new 1-door fridge in the Samsung Bespoke Infinite series is aiming to change that, created with a straight-lined silhouette that fits seamlessly in between your cabinets with no annoying gaps, giving it an almost built-in look.

This is a great pick for homeowners who want a minimalist, highly modern home that’s as low-maintenance as possible.

Smeg Galileo Omnichef: Multi-functional combi-oven

squarerooms smeg galileo omnichef combi oven

Getting a combi oven for your home will allow you to use a multitude of cooking functions, be it steaming, roasting or convection, without the need to install other appliances and take up precious space in your kitchen.

The new all-in-one Galileo Omnichef oven from Smeg combines steaming, grilling and microwaving, which means you can prep almost any meal and even various dishes at the same time, all within a single appliance.

Tecno T 788GI: Hybrid gas and induction stove

squarerooms tecno T 788GI hybrid gas induction stove hob

Not sure if induction or gas is the way to go? We’re constantly torn too, which is why we’re excited about the new T 788GI hybrid gas-induction hob from Tecno.

Get quick and efficient heating at the touch of your fingertips with the induction burner, then make use of the powerful gas burner on the right for an intuitive cooking experience and more cookware options.

While the hob is compact and space-savvy, the burners are strategically spaced apart to fit two XXL woks at once, allowing you to make use of both burners for every meal.

SHARP Donabe: Microwave rice cooker

squarerooms sharp donabe microwave rice cooker

Most Singaporeans couldn’t imagine a household without a rice cooker— but what if you could have the same fluffy rice we all know and love, plus Japanese-style rice, claypot rice, porridge-style rice and much more, with just a single appliance?

The Donabe Inverter Microwave Rice Cooker from SHARP is an innovative microwave oven with a special Japanese claypot insert to cook up perfect rice. Whip up your favourite rice variety and choose from 26 auto-cooking programs for a side of delicious veggies, stews and more.

Ruhens Boost+: Tankless, touchless water purifier

squarerooms ruhens boost plus water purifier

If you’re always telling yourself to drink more water, getting a water dispenser for your home can be a great way to kickstart that habit.

We like the Ruhens Boost+ because it’s tankless—meaning it takes up very little space on your countertop—and it dispenses water instantly in four different temperatures (4ºC, 20ºC, 85ºC and 95ºC).

You don’t even need to press anything to get the water flowing thanks to the touchless mechanism, which keeps the dispenser clean and hygienic. And speaking of hygiene, the four-stage filtration system ensures that your water is free of pollutants but still rich in nutrients for a healthy gut.

LG WashTower: Washing machine + dryer combo

squarerooms lg washtower washing machine and dryer in one combo

To save space in the service yard, stack your washing machine and dryer—or better yet, get your hands on the LG WashTower, which brings you both appliances stacked at the ideal height and in tune with each other for more seamless laundry cycles.

The ergonomic height of the tower makes loading and unloading easier than with traditional stacked appliances and the shared control panel is conveniently positioned in the middle for easy reach.

Once you’ve finished a wash, the dryer identifies the most suitable drying cycle, so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting damaged or coming out of the dryer still damp.

Bosch PerfectDry: Quiet, powerful dishwasher

squarerooms bosch perfectdry dishwasher

Washing up after cooking can be really tedious. If it’s your least favourite chore, why not leave it to a dishwasher to take the work off your hands? The SMS8YCI01E PerfectDry dishwasher from Bosch offers intensive cleaning and thorough drying while protecting your dishes.

Loading is easy thanks to the well-designed baskets across different cleaning zones, and noise is kept to a minimum during wash cycles as well.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the April 2023 issue of SquareRooms.