SquareRooms Recommends: 4 Stylish Essentials for a Healthy and Hygienic Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen healthy and hygienic doesn’t mean sacrificing style. In fact, there are plenty of kitchen fittings and appliances that prioritise health and hygiene while still being easy on the eyes. Read on to discover our favourites—and start crafting your own healthy and hygienic kitchen with these stylish essentials.

novita HydroCube Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29

squarerooms novita w29 hot cold water dispenser with filter hydropure hydroplus red green yellow

HydroCube Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29, $1,999 (U.P. $2,699), available at novita

With the Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29, you get instant access to hot, cold and room-temperature water without spending time on separate boiling, cooling and storing. This is partly thanks to the rapid boiling system, which allows you to do away with your kettle entirely. On top of that, the dispenser’s compact design leaves plenty of countertop space while offering hygienic and fresh drinking water at the touch of a button.

Choose between HydroPlus and HydroPure, two innovative filters with a comprehensive six-step filtration system. HydroPlus transforms tap water into alkaline antioxidant water, neutralising acidic waste for a better pH balance in the body. The HydroPure filter, on the other hand, provides purified, energising water by removing chlorine and any heavy metal ions from your tap water. This inhibits microbial activity for prolonged freshness and no unpleasant tastes and smells, hydrating and revitalising your body.

No matter your pick, reap the benefits of powerful filtration in the form of stronger metabolism and increased wellbeing on a daily basis. Of course, the dispenser’s design is not lacking either; pick your favourite from a yummy range of six shades, be it a sunny yellow or a minimalist white.

Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator

squarerooms samsung bespoke 4 door flex refrigerator fridge freezer new launch kitchen terrazzo floor blue white modern contemporary design

BESPOKE 4-Door Flex refrigerator, $4,599, available at Samsung

Announced just this week, the new range of BESPOKE refrigerators by Samsung comes with all of the well-loved Samsung technology, plus innovative styling options that do indeed make this kitchen series bespoke. Whether you opt for the 4-Door Flex, the 1-Door-Flex, the Bottom Mount Freezer or a combination to mix and match, you’ll get various cutting-edge features that help keep your food fresh and optimise storage space for extra convenience.

The 4-Door Flex is equipped with a handy Flex Crisper compartment, which is adjustable with two distinct temperature settings and ideal for preserving freshness, especially when it comes to delicate items like meat and fish. The entire range also includes advanced cooling capabilities, such as the Triple Cooling System for controlled humidity and odour separation.

BOSCH Serie 8 self-cleaning oven

squarerooms bosch built in self cleaning oven serie 8 HNG6764S1A black silver metal sleek

Serie 8 HNG6764S1A Built-in oven, $4,999, available at BOSCH

The Serie 8 HNG6764S1A by BOSCH is the ideal oven for busy, health-conscious homeowners. Not only does it come with carefully curated options such as PerfectBake, PerfectRoast, microwave and added steam, but it also boasts the convenient self-cleaning technology that makes it stand out from the crowd.

With pyrolytic self-cleaning, you can eliminate those long hours trying to scrub the dirt and grime out of the oven. Instead, it carries the cleaning out automatically—without any chemical cleaning products that could affect your cooking. By simply heating itself up to 480°C, it burns all of that dirt to fine ashes, which can then be simply wiped out of the chamber. Eating healthy has never been easier!


squarerooms blanco kitchen sink grey countertop food flatlay lemons

Etagon SILGRANIT sink, POA, available at BLANCO

Made primarily of quartz sands, the toughest constituents of granite, SILGRANIT sinks are hardwearing in more ways than one. In fact, they are so resistant to scratches and impact that you could grab a knife and cut up some ingredients directly on the sink’s surface without leaving a dent.

SILGRANIT is also impervious to stains from acidic foods and natural dyes and comes with antibacterial properties thanks to BLANCO’s Hygiene+Plus technology, which reduces bacteria growth by up to 98 per cent. This makes it a very hygienic pick for the kitchen, and a good-looking one too!