Unique and Ingenious Ideas to Make the Most of Your Indoor Balcony

Often an awkward and under-utilised area of the home, the balcony can be a tricky space to design. To help you make the most of it, here are some creative, unique and absolutely functional ideas for your balcony!

Turn it into a sunroom

squarerooms authors interior and styling home interior design balcony indoor garden plants urban jungle niches

Image courtesy of Authors Interior & Styling

Nothing refreshes a lacklustre, neglected balcony like some bold, leafy plants. Built-in niches can make for minimalist shelving along the walls.

Create a play area

squarerooms ascend design home interior design balcony swing yellow pop of colour orange mirror frame blue bench

Image courtesy of Ascend Design

A sure hit with kids (and adults too), a swing ramps up the fun in an otherwise nondescript balcony area. Keeping the space free of clutter makes it easy to feel fully immersed in the experience and sink into daydreams while enjoying the swing.

Build a relaxed platform

squarerooms ju design studio home interior design balcony curved platform

Image courtesy of Ju Design Studio

Not your typical balcony, this dreamy platform elevates a whole new area along the window, keeping the space airy and open while clearly demarcating it.

Incorporate a curved countertop

squarerooms threehaus works home interior design balcony library curved windowsill shelf

Image courtesy of Threehaus Works

Pause and take in the view with a custom tabletop erected along this odd-shaped corner.

Use it as a service yard

squarerooms m3 studio home interior design balcony service yard kitchen countertop island laundry area

Image courtesy of M3 Studio

Reaching into previously underutilised corners, this elongated countertop goes a long way to enhance the storage space in the balcony-turned-service yard, additionally providing a breakfast counter or potential work-from-home area.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the May 2023 issue of SquareRooms.