4 Balcony Garden Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

While green balconies are beautiful in themselves, you might not have considered that they can change the look of your entire home. Here are some ways that having a balcony garden can spruce up the house.

  1. Brighten up moody interiors
    This particular home would look moody with all its grey tones, but the bright couch and touch of nature from the balcony bring the colour scheme to life. Consider adding plants around the house as well – the pop of green will draw the eye and help your surroundings to stand out.


    Image courtesy of Free Space Intent

  2. Make dining at home into something special
    Adding a wine and dine area to the balcony is a romantic and often scenic undertaking. While it’s a great idea with or without greenery, consider decorating it with a small garden. It will change the way you feel about eating at home, making it feel like a special occasion on any day.


    Image courtesy of Free Space Intent

  3. Relax in nature without leaving the house
    Our fast-paced lives can sometimes become overwhelming, but escaping the city to relax in nature means taking on the stress of travel. So why not relax on your balcony instead? Turn one of the corners into a relaxation spot with a daybed and plenty of green. This will change the way you feel about your home as a whole – walking into the house and seeing the balcony will instantly relax you.


    Image courtesy of The Habitat Collective

  4. Lift the eye for a larger space
    While displaying plants on your balcony will brighten up your interiors, a small home can look cluttered with too many plants on the floor. Consider installing a green wall instead. It will lend your home the same pop of colour while helping to lift the eye upwards, making your home as a whole seem larger. Plus, the green wall will save you genuine floor space, going beyond an optical enhancement.


    Image courtesy of 19 Eighty Three