Top Christmas Decor Themes to Deck Your Home in this Year

Christmas is upon us, which means it’s time to jazz up your home for the festive season! Here are six merry themes that’ll make your abode the talk of the town.

Chic Scandinavian


Image courtesy of Kylie Fitts

This coveted home design brings a fresh twist to the classic holiday with homespun touches. Nordic themes are perfect this time of the year with a focus on cream tones, soft candlelight and wool materials which add to the warmth of your home. You can also infuse greenery into your home by displaying flowers or hanging wreaths on the windows for a touch of yuletide. For the Christmas tree, dress it up with white lights, silver baubles and pine cones for a snowy effect.

Whimsical eclectic

squarerooms jeff herr photography christmas tree living room decor colourful eclectic festive

Image courtesy of Jeff Herr Photograhy

If you have a flair for the unconventional, you’ll find joy in eclectic Christmas decor, which mixes bright colours, textures and patterns. Sprinkle in some vintage elements to unleash your creative personality. Eclectic themes are also great for displaying all sorts of family treasures such as the kids’ handmade crafts!

Industrial monochrome

squarerooms joules christmas tree industrial metal silhouette decor festive living room

Image courtesy of Joules

Stemming from New York warehouses, industrial interior designs evoke the raw factory spirit with lots of exposed elements and metal accents. As such, a minimalist silhouette tree is your best shot at sticking to the industrial theme. Dress it up with simple baubles in dark tones and keep the overall surroundings neutral or monochromatic to round off the look.

Rustic white


Image courtesy of Superhit Ideas

A popular theme emerging this holiday season is the white rustic look, a light and bright spin on the typical cabin aesthetic. Elevate your Christmas set-up with white stockings, wooden displays and snowy tinsel garlands. As for the tree, drape it with gold ribbons and place woven baskets underneath to store all those presents!

Modern luxury


Image courtesy of The House of Silver Lining

Minimalist decor truly gets to shine in modern homes boasting marble and granite surfaces. Keep decorations simple with green wreaths and marble ornaments and feel free to add subtle festive hues. A good way to do this is by adorning the tree with a few red ribbons or hanging a gold candelabra from the ceiling for a statement look. Most modern-themed homes have fewer round shapes and curves, so throw in a rug and some fluffy pillows for a cosier Christmas.

Mid-century modern

squarerooms dream green diy christmas mid century modern living room tree festive decor

Image courtesy of Dream Green DIY

The mid-century modern style is all about combining organic materials with unexpected curves and scene-stealing shapes. While it’s bold and eye-catching, it’s also fairly minimalist. If this is the look you’re going for, keep your Christmas decor simple and understated in order to tone down the bold surroundings. A white tree will do the trick if your furnishings are already rich and colourful. Finish it off by complementing the warm hues of the mid-century style with matching baubles and decor accents.