Grab a Coffee and Explore Sustainable Homewares at the FIND Lamitak Pop-Up

For this year’s FIND – Design Fair Asia, surface brand Lamitak is setting up an extra cosy communal space.

Themed around slow living, the brand’s pop-up space will bring together local coffee boutique PPP Coffee x Morning and plant studio Soilboy, so you can grab a cup of coffee while exploring beautiful houseplants and sustainable surfaces for your home.

lamitak laminates dining room japandi scandinavian style minimalist interior design

Titled “A Reunion of Us – A Notion of Slow Living With Lamitak,” the communal pop-up space will be open on 21-23 September 2023, as part of FIND – Design Fair Asia at the MBS Convention Centre.

It is an extension of the brand’s Vol.1 catalogue, intended to foster an appreciation of intentional living and tranquillity. Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies converge harmoniously, resulting in a soothing space that invites you to slow down and breathe.

Houseplants and freshly brewed coffee

lamitak ppp coffee boutique morning collab find design fair asia 2023 black table

What better way to live intentionally than to slow down in the morning with a good cup of coffee? Local speciality coffee boutique PPP Coffee x Morning embodies this philosophy, bringing delicious coffee into every home with masterful brewing techniques and equipment.

Their Morning Machine is sure to be a particular highlight for coffee lovers, with intuitive, barista-designed controls for an easy home brewing experience.

The other collaborator in the mix is Soilboy, a Singaporean plant design studio that elevates living spaces with curated plants, handmade pots and innovative natural installations.

find design fair asia 2023 lamitak soilboy pop up communal space event plants

It’s the perfect combination, really: browsing houseplants, artisanal pots and planters and Lamitak’s sustainable surfaces, all while sipping on exquisite coffee.

Discover Lamitak’s sustainable surfaces for your home

lamitak laminates intervention collection woods natural pattern eames teak living room spacious japandi japanese aesthetic interior style

This communal pop-up space at FIND will be clad in a thoughtful selection of organic and natural materials, such as wood, stone and paper, transforming it into an oasis of calm amid the bustle of the design fair.

Beyond the coffee station and Soilboy’s plants and handmade pots, Lamitak will also be displaying a curated collection of book-matched, marble-inspired laminates as the centrepiece of the room, foregrounding the intrinsic beauty of their realistic patterns and hues.

lamitak forest walking path hiking trail tall pine trees

With these eco-friendly surfaces, Lamitak brings a taste of nature and the outdoors into everyday homes without resorting to harmful production, helping to preserve the environment without compromising functionality and beauty at home.

You’re sure to leave the space feeling refreshed, rested and—most importantly—inspired to carve out slow, intentional spaces in your own home.

“A Reunion of Us – A Notion of Slow Living With Lamitak” will take place on 21-23 September 2023 at the MBS Convention Centre, at Booth L22 of FIND – Design Fair Asia.

Lamitak would like to invite you in for a chat—and of course a good cup of coffee.

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