10 Minimalist Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You for Your BTO Renovation

Love minimalist interior design? Here are 10 minimalist home design ideas to get you inspired and ready for your BTO renovation!

Warm, desert-style minimalism

squarerooms right angle studio home condominium unit condo renovation makeover interior design dea awards winner minimalist modern aesthetic living room area white sofa

Image courtesy of Right Angle Studio

This serene condo designed by Right Angle Studio is packed with warm, minimalist interior design ideas for your own home renovation. It’s brimming with natural light and furnished with soft and cosy pieces that keep the home extra comfortable.

Scandi minimalist design with soft curves

squarerooms met interior home interior renovation condominium unit condo design style scandinavian modern minimalist dry kitchen rounded curved island

Image courtesy of Met Interior

If you like Scandinavian and minimalist interior design, you’ll love this airy resale condo that combines the two timeless styles, filled with soft curves and warm hues. The archways in particular keep the home feeling bright, open and spacious.

A modular, minimalist apartment

squarerooms craftsmen studio finbarr fallon penthouse apartment flexible interior design minimalist style modular rooms adaptable home layout living room guest bedroom dining area

Image courtesy of Craftsmen Studio and Finbarr Fallon

Take a tour of this flexible, modular studio apartment that transforms into a 3-bedroom home, with sliding walls and adaptable spaces. It’s packed with minimalist style and creative, space-saving interior design ideas perfect for any small home, including your BTO flat!

Monochromatic, minimalist BTO interiors

squarerooms racheeng minimalist monochrome monochromatic black and white apartment 4 room bto hdb flat design renovation makeover kitchen island

Image courtesy of @racheeng

The peak of minimalism has got to be the trendy black-and-white aesthetic. This monochromatic, minimalist BTO flat showcases it perfectly with a sleek, modern finish. Plus, the interiors were entirely self-designed by the homeowners!

A plant-filled, minimalist home

squarerooms upstrs home renovation apartment in tiong bahru urban jungle plant filled flat singapore modern luxury house grey wood stone natural materials oasis kitchen dining island table leaves outside large full height windows

Image courtesy of UPSTRS_

One of the best ways to liven up minimalist interiors is to add plants here and there. Just look at this lovely plant-filled apartment at Tiong Bahru—it wouldn’t be nearly as inviting without the greenery!

Minimalist interior design for cats

squarerooms blend by imc home renovation bukit batok 4 room hdb bto flat design makeover singapore minimalist contemporary modern cats dining living kitchen room grey

Image courtesy of Blend by ImC

Pet owners often have a hard time keeping their homes elegant and minimalistic. After all, you need to fit all of those rather unsightly pet essentials into your space.

If you’re struggling with this too, take inspiration from this minimalist HDB design, which is sleek and luxurious but also incorporates cat furniture!

Woody luxury minimalism

squarerooms kdot interior design home condominium renovation makeover style look minimalist wood aesthetic kitchen sliding door blackout panels modern room open concept space

Image courtesy of KDOT

Minimalism isn’t just limited to black, white and cream tones. You can warm up your space while keeping it luxurious and minimalist with wooden finishes, like the lush carpentry in this woody condo, paired with black trim and polished fittings.

Minimalist BTO interiors for a couple

squarerooms ovon design 3 room resale hdb flat interiors makeover modern minimalist style aesthetic renovation living room armchairs

Image courtesy of OVON Design

If you’re designing your BTO flat for just yourself and your partner, it’s going to be much easier to stick to minimalist interior design than if you were to renovate for a whole family.

Take this couple’s resale HDB flat, for instance; the owners went so far as to forgo a sofa and streamlined the living room with matching armchairs instead.

A hyper-minimalist condo design

squarerooms rubiks studio penthouse condo renovation interior design project modern contemporary black and white minimalist style living entertainment room

Image courtesy of Rubiks Studio

You can take minimalism to a whole new level by clearing your house of almost anything and carefully curating what you choose to keep.

This penthouse condo is sparsely furnished, with a few select furniture pieces, hidden storage behind the walls and no permanent bed. Not everyone’s cup of tea but clean and airy for sure!

A Muji-inspired, minimalist BTO design

squarerooms d'marvel scale interior design makeover hdb 3 room bto flat look style minimalist monochromatic modern black and white dining area open space concept wood floors

Image courtesy of D’Marvel Scale

Last but certainly not least, the Muji fans among you will love this cosy, minimalist BTO flat. It’s got a pared-back aesthetic with black and white fittings and wooden accents and was renovated to make working from home as easy as possible.

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