What To Consider When Buying A Dishwasher


While dishwashers have yet to become a common staple in households here, more homeowners are seeing the benefits of having one in their kitchen. Advantages include saving time and effort during washing up, and a potentially more hygienic alternative to washing dishes by hand. Consider the following when looking for a dishwasher.

  1. Size
    The size you choose will depend on how much dishes you wash. As a general guide, a small household of three people would require a 45-cm dishwasher. For larger households of up to six people, a 60-cm dishwasher would be more fitting.


    Image credit: Smeg

  2. Freestanding or built-in
    While freestanding units are more flexible in terms of where you can put it, built-ins offer you a more seamless appearance.
  3. Programmes
    The programmes available on the dishwasher depending on the brand and model. In general, look out for features such as Half-load (allows you to wash fewer dishes at a time without wasting water), Delicate (for fine china and delicate wares) and Intensive (for very dirty dishes).


    Image credit: Bosch

  4. Noise level
    If you’re particular about noise, check out how noisy a dishwasher is when in operation.
  5. Flexibility
    For greater efficiency, choose units that have adjustable shelves, baskets for your cutlery, racks that can hold bigger pots and odd-shaped wares.


    Image credit: Samsung