A Bedok HDB Shows Us How To Do Pastels Right


Tucked away in the quiet residential area of Bedok and located far away from the bustle of the city, is this unpretentious 4-room HDB flat. With its simple decor and bright welcoming colours, the unit primarily serves as a comfortable abode for rest and relaxation.

“As a young couple who prefer the simple life, the homeowners specifically requested for the flat’s design to be easy on the eyes,” says Wilson Deng, the interior designer from Studio FortyFour who was in-charge of the project.

In order to meet the demands of his clients, Wilson proposed the use of soft pastel colours, alongside natural wood tones to create an inviting atmosphere. This open-concept is distinctly noticeable in the central living space with its minimalist decor, which accentuates the couple’s desire for simplicity.

Upon entering the living room, guests are immediately greeted by the sight of an inviting cream sofa, complete with twin cushions in his-her shades of blue and pink. This is accompanied by the room’s primary entertainment console which consists of a sleek flat-screen television, backed by a hazel-coloured wall. Meanwhile, the austere feel of the wooden laminate flooring and crisp white walls help to enhance the central living area’s contemporary look.

The kitchen similarly adopts an unsullied appearance with its efficient galley-style layout that comes straight out of a ship’s scullery. Despite the limited space, both homeowners, who are avid cooks, can easily navigate through the gap between both parallel countertops because of the efficient arrangement of kitchen fixtures. A row of recessed cabinets, stoves and a fridge form most of the kitchen’s seamless inner half. According to Wilson, the designers also spent a considerable time sourcing for “the exclusive apple-green colour scheme” of the cabinet laminates that now “adds a pop of brilliance” to the kitchen decor.

As per the request of the owners, the designers from Studio FortyFour had to adopt a more efficient kitchen structure to install a long bar table as a way to save space. Doubling as a food preparation counter and dining platform, the table combines form and function with its smooth wooden finish and complementary pastel-coloured high chairs.

Much like the other parts of the house, the master bedroom possesses a fresh and inviting quality as well. When suffused with natural light, the walls’ soothing white palette brings forth an invigorating freshness to the surrounding space – making it a cosy space for reading or resting. The concept of minimalism is evident by the choice of a single king-sized bed and simple, matte grey drapes as the sole stand-out furnishings in the room.

This was adapted from an article originally written by Stanley Lim that appeared in the May issue of SquareRooms