Ju Design Studio | Striking a Balance | Ang Mo Kio

This tranquil home is ideal for rest and relaxation while not lacking in personality.

Space: 4-room HDB
Size: 1,076 sq ft
Location: Ang Mo Kio
Designer: Alex Chang from Ju Design Studio
Reno period: Eight weeks

Overall view

squarerooms ju design hdb renovation living room scandinavian minimalist white wood spacious open

Inspired by Japanese home goods brand Muji, the young couple living here requested for a spacious, bright and clean-looking abode. This was quickly achieved by opening up the bedroom next to the living room, flooding both zones with light and creating a breezy feel.

Kitchen and dining zones

squarerooms ju design hdb renovation kitchen dining scandinavian minimalist

The wall between the kitchen and service yard was brought down to bring in more light, and full-height cabinets were installed to provide generous storage. The oven, fridge and microwave were also worked into the cabinetry constructed out of solid plywood and laminates for a seamless and modern look. Taking into account the demands on the kitchen, worry-free KompacPlus was used for the counters and backsplash, and hardy tiles were used for the flooring, deviating from the softer vinyl flooring used in the living area.


squarerooms ju design hdb renovation bedroom white wood scandinavian minimalist

While the furnishings were kept to a minimum to create a peaceful environment, the specially constructed wardrobe helps to act as a design accent for the space. The band of wood laminates through the middle are deliberately longer than the white ends to draw your eye up and make the ceilings look taller.

An all-white home can look a little cold. Adding woodgrain patterns in a light tone will impart warmth and personality without making the space look closed in.


squarerooms bathroom toilet ju design hdb flat renovation white minimalist

This isn’t your standard white bathroom. By using white grout between the subway tiles on the top half of the wall and grey grout for the tiles below, the walls were given a subtly unique look. The floating cabinetry and glass divider were other custom touches that help keep this space feeling light and airy.


squarerooms ju design hdb renovation study white minimalist

Streamlined floor-to-ceiling cabinetry sits flush against the length of the office, letting light pass through unobstructed from the windows to the dining nook. By creating a cut-out instead of taking down the wall to the adjoining living room, the study retains some separation. The bottom half of the wall also acts as a ledge for displays and doubles as a backing for both the sofa and office desk.

About Ju Design Studio

Your home is an extension of your character, so your space should tell a story which is unique to you. Working with your vision, Ju Design Studio is ready to help you create a highly personalised abode with graceful and compelling designs that are rich in details. With Ju Design Studio, you can always be assured of trustworthy and dependable service with results that deliver.

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This post was adapted from an article originally published in the October 2020 issue of SquareRooms.