These 4 Juicers Will Jumpstart Your Healthy Lifestyle This 2020

When thinking about a healthy diet, vitamins are a crucial component. While it’s always best to get your vitamins straight from the fruit, not everyone likes fruity textures. Don’t worry, we get you—we like our nutrients nice and blended too! If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate fruits into your healthy diet, juicing should be your first stop. All you need is some fruits of your choice—and, of course, a really good juicer!

Best slow juicer
If you are serious about juicing, a slow juicer will become your new best friend. Instead of spinning fruits and veggies around, which generates heat and destroys some of the healthy properties of your juice, Smeg’s SJF01 Slow Juicer squeezes all the delicious nutrients directly into your drink. A handy lever also allows you to choose the thickness according to your preferences. Smeg’s Slow Juicer comes with all the features we love, plus its eye-catching retro aesthetic makes for a stunning addition to any kitchen.


Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer, $688, Tangs

Best centrifugal juicer
Looking for a quick and easy juicing experience? The Breville Juice Fountain Max manages to get your juice ready without any fuss thanks to its extra-wide chute. This allows you to chuck in larger pieces of fruit and veggie, minimising your own prep time. It also comes equipped with a micro mesh filter made of stainless steel, designed to keep all those healthy nutrients in your juice while discarding unwanted pulp.


Breville Juice Fountain Max, $348, Tangs

Best juice blender
We love a good juicer, but some drinks just work better with pulp, seeds and all of the textured fibres. If you’re aiming for a delicious blend of mango and passion fruit, for instance, a juicer is going to discard all of the passion fruit seeds, leaving you with just mango juice. That’s where our favourite blender comes in! The Tefal Blendforce 2 Glass Blender will give you delicious juice and smoothies in just a few minutes, its cooling system allowing you to blend continuously without overheating the blender. Craving something cool on a hot day? Just chuck some ice in with your fruits and let the blender do the work for you.


Tefal Blendforce 2 Glass Blender, $109, Tangs

Best horizontal juicer
If you’re looking to take your juicing game up a notch, a horizontal juicer might be just the thing for you. While its foundation is that of a slow juicer, the Omega Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System has a masticating mechanism, allowing it to ‘chew’ fruits, veggies, leaves and even nuts for maximum nutrition and less waste. It can make all of your favourite drinks, and can even go as far as blending homemade nut butters and baby food.


Omega Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System, POA, Katrin BJ