Stylish Tile Trends For Your Home


Whether for your bathroom walls or living room floor, the right tile choice plays a part in taking the overall look of a space to the next level. From the countless possibilities, we suss out the top tile trends you should take note of.


Image credit: Homify

Rather than having to decide between different patterns and material intended for indoor and outdoor conditions, the convenience of going for tiles that are suitable for both is certainly rising. Having tiles that complement an interior before converging towards an outdoor garden or balcony area helps create a more consistent appearance.

Mix and match

Image credit: Skyring Architects

Minimalism doesn’t simply mean sticking to one tone of neutral – it can also mean a clever usage of contrasting matte and gloss surfaces for the best of both worlds. Take a cue from this latest trend of combining both types of tiles that stand out equally when placed strategically together, to create an elegant flair.

Geometric shapes

Image credit: Copperline

Image credit: Copperline

Ditch the traditional style of four-sided tiles and opt for modern shapes instead – such as hexagons or triangles. These unique options don’t just add a contemporary touch to your home, but make for a Pinterest-worthy sight to behold too!

Old is gold

Image credit: Ceramic Planet

Hand-painted tiles exude a classic vibe, and there’s a reason why these designs never go out of style. Arranging these colourful, intricate pieces either together or alternating them with white tiles on walls or floors helps to brighten up any room, ensuring a charming living space appeasing to the eye.

Monochrome magic


Image credit: Eclectic Home

For an ever-exquisite trend, select monochromatic tiles to make a lasting impression. The black, white and grey combinations help to attain an effortlessly clean and chic look, and when paired with quirky designs, can also be considered works of art.