These Nano-Glazed Tiles Cleanse the Air for Powerful Health Benefits


Topped with a layer of nano glazing, the Talos Living series by Lian Seng Hin makes tiles work harder, bringing you health benefits through the power of nature.

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Most homeowners have two considerations when picking tiles for their interiors: aesthetics and durability. But what if we told you that your tiles can do more than just enhance your surroundings?

Lian Seng Hin’s collection of Talos Living Tiles applies innovative glazing technology to infuse your home with unique health benefits, resorting to the power of nature to improve your indoor air quality and personal well-being. A layer of nano-glazed particles is applied directly to the tiles and results in the continuous, life-long production of negative ions, which are found naturally near waterfalls, in forests, at the beach and after storms.

By releasing these negative ions into your home, the Talos Living Tiles allow you to experience the crisp and healthy air quality of these natural environments in your own living spaces. This supposedly clears them of airborne allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust, smoke and other VOCs, helping you to reduce allergy symptoms, improve cognitive performance and even increase the blood’s ability to assimilate and use oxygen.

squarerooms lian seng hin talos tiles cleanse air quality nano glazing bathroom white grey monochromatic modern bathtub black wall

But the Talos Living Tiles don’t just promise to purify the air around you—they also come in a variety of designs to suit any home interior! In fact, you can choose from a total of ten different series, which all carry various sizes, colours and patterns, ranging from stone and marble to wood-look tiles. A lustrous matte finish makes the smaller tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, be it on the walls or the floors, while the brand’s large-format tiles come in a glazed, polished, silky matte and matte glazed finish as well.

The best part? Compared to an air purifier that needs to be plugged in, cleaned and maintained, the Talos Living Tiles only require a gentle cleaning routine to last you a lifetime.

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This post was brought to you by Lian Seng Hin and adapted from an article originally published in idealhomes vol. 13.