5 Bold and Beautiful Tableware Picks for a Sumptuous CNY Feast

With the Lunar New Year approaching, it’s about time to start planning the dinner table—and it’s not complete without some striking plates and bowls! Whether you’re looking for colourful patterns or solid pastel designs, these bold and beautiful tableware picks are sure to make your CNY feast stand out.

Table Matters

Homegrown ceramics brand Table Matters has a truly mindboggling range of designs on offer, from pastel pink unicorn patterns to more traditional line art and the calming Blue Wave range (depicted in the image at the top of the page). Our personal favourite is the Camellia collection, which sports a rather soothing floral look. If you’re aiming for a cosy, dreamy CNY spread, these plates and bowls are the way to go.

Ong Shunmugam

Known for their eclectic mix of high-quality porcelain, rattan furniture and textiles, Ong Shunmugam is a one-stop-shop for that sophisticated table spread. The Suvarnabumi collection includes the classic blue and white tableware we all know and love, as well as the new Tropicana range, which plays with pastel variations of tropical motifs and colours for an especially cheerful feast.

TAO Singapore

With a mix of popular blue and white picks and creative botanical designs, TAO Singapore has something in store for everyone. Aside from plates and bowls, they also sell nifty saucers, spoons and even teapots to match, so you can shop for the whole table in one go.

Lovera Collections

One of the bolder tableware shops out there, Lovera Collections sells plates and bowls in striking patterns and shapes, playing around with botanical motifs and traditional patterns. The shop’s solid-colour pieces come with a twist, too, presenting ridges, curves and charming textures.


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Proudly local, SUPERMAMA‘s porcelain plates are undeniably Singapore-inspired, mixing iconic views with batik art in the form of classic blue and white tableware. Other porcelain series include the bold and beautiful Nanyang Porcelain, which pays homage to Southeast Asia with its bright colours and Peranakan patterns.

Featured image courtesy of Table Matters