Boost Your Health with these Ingenious Picks for Your Home

Staying healthy can be tough with our busy day-to-day lives, but you can make it much easier with just a few appliances and home furnishings from novita.

Keep your indoor air healthy by getting rid of germs and allergens

squarerooms novita appliances a4s 4-in-1 air purifier family gathering

novita A4S

Some studies have shared that indoor air can contain 2–5 times more pollutants than outdoor air, and who wants to be confined in a space with smoke, germs, dust and other harmful gases? With the novita 4-in-1 A4S, you can purify, humidify, ionise and sanitise the air all at once, helping you breathe easier than before.

Featuring a CADR-Smoke rating of 497 m3/hr and with a PM2.5 sensor and display, the comprehensive device works by drawing air through an H13 HEPA filter infused with nano silver and copper ions, eliminating more than 99.99% of illness-inducing viruses and bacteria in 60 minutes via cellular oxidative damage.

By complementing the air purifier with novita’s Air Purifying Solution Concentrate, you can boost the unit’s sanitising effect through its humidifying function. A cool catalyst and granular activated carbon filter take care of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne chemicals and odours, while the semi-permanent in-built ionizer produces up to 60 million negative ions per cm3 for proactive purification. Breathe well, breathe safe with the A4S securing your indoor air quality like never before to keep you and your loved ones in good health!

Prevent mould growth on your clothes and around the house

squarerooms novita appliances n25 dehumidifier

novita ND25

Getting a dehumidifier for your home makes a lot of sense with our tropical climate. That way you’re never under the mercy of unpredictable weather and you can rest assured that mould is not going to grow out of control, especially in spaces you don’t check very often.

The most economical novita LaundryFresh Dehumidifier ND25 does a good job keeping excess moisture under control. You can dial in your preferred humidity settings, and it can extract up to 25 litres a day up to 450sq ft, sufficient to comfortably cover 1–2 rooms. The unit also comes with a five-litre water tank so you don’t constantly have to empty it. An auto-stop function with notification ensures the tank will never overfill nor spill out. Additionally, the ND25 produces up to 20 million negative ions per cm3 to freshen up your indoor air quality.

Complement ND25 with the novita aircare air sterilizer NAS03 which produces a controlled concentration of ozone to eliminate airborne germs and unpleasant odours promptly, keeping your indoor air smelling fresh.

Keep your space well-ventilated while protecting your skin and saving energy

squarerooms novita greenfan f-3 eco friendly energy efficient standing desktop fan white

novita GreenFan F-3

We love feeling cool, but sometimes air conditioners can be overkill. We’re not particularly thrilled about their skin-drying effects and high running costs either—according to the National Environmental Agency, an AC may need 10 times the energy required to power a fan!

As an alternative, the novita GreenFan F-3 has been designed to create strong aerodynamic air flow to cool the space, fitted with a smart sensor that can automatically adjust the wind speed based on the temperature and humidity levels of its surroundings. You could also pick from four fan speeds yourself. With a high fan motor efficiency, the fan uses just two watts of energy at its lowest speed. Conveniently, the unit has a built-in lithium-ion battery to support cordless operation for up to 28 hours and weighing just 2.9kg, it’s stable yet easy to move from room to room and even outdoors.

The design is understated and versatile with a matte white finish, and you can easily convert it from a floor to a desk fan. You can even control it via its Bluetooth remote, further adding to its appeal.

Soothe aching muscles and feel refreshed throughout the day

squarerooms novita rocking massage chair m series b2 pink purple blue pastel

novita M Series Rocking Massage Chair B2

It’s not so easy to head out and get a massage these days, but what you can do is get a massage chair that’ll let you relax and recharge at home any time you want. novita The M Series Rocking Massage Chair B2 is an ergonomically crafted 2-in-1 rocking massage chair that has a high-quality birch frame in a classic design. It comes in three pleasing colours (Blossom Pink, Coral Blue or Dove Grey), and it’s packed with features to pamper your body.

The chair combines dual massage roller mechanisms with high-frequency vibrations and heat therapy, focusing on tense areas such as your neck, back and hips to loosen stiff joints and muscles. Further, the leg rest can be adjusted to five different angles so you can find the exact position you like.

Stay hydrated with extra health benefits

squarerooms novita w29 hot cold water dispenser with filter hydropure hydroplus red green yellow

novita HydroCube Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29

If you’re someone who needs constant reminders to drink water throughout the day, getting the novita HydroCube Hot/Cold Water Dispenser W29 will be all the motivation you need. The compact dispenser is driven by a hi-performance composite filtration system and an ultraviolet germicidal lamp for additional water disinfection, so you and your loved ones can enjoy fresh, great-tasting and quality water goodness. No need for buying and storing big bottles of water at home and contributing to plastic waste.

Go for the HydroPlus filter if you’d like alkaline antioxidant water to alkalise the body by neutralising excess acidic wastes accumulated from our modern diet and lifestyle as well as slow down the oxidation process, or choose the HydroPure filter which purifies and optimises water to hydrate and revitalise your body. Both filters also help to energise the water to promote blood flow and metabolism.

Further, W29 is fitted with a rapid boiling system so you can dispense hot, cold or room temperature water almost instantly with the tap of a button. This makes it a convenient option if you like to entertain as you can pour your guests a drink as soon as they arrive. With six colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a model that fits right into your kitchen.

Keep your home clean without hurting your back

squarerooms novita appliances vacuum cleaner v21 lite

novita V21 Lite

Any seasoned homeowner will tell you that having a good vacuum cleaner is a must, and while many models look similar, some features make all the difference. For starters, finding a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use will ensure that you’ll pull it out more often, crucial for avoiding back-breaking sessions where you’re scrubbing dust off tight corners or constantly stepping on crumbs.

The novita V21 Lite is cordless, ergonomically designed and weighs just 2.1kg, about 30% lighter than other cordless vacuums in the market. At the same time, its Cyclonic Technology and Brushless DC Motor System ensures maximum suction power without wasting energy. To halve your effort, you could even use the 2-in-1 Vacuum + Lite Mop Attachment which will get your floors extra clean with every pass.

Once done vacuuming, the V21 Lite slots neatly easily onto a drill-free wall-mounted holder so you can keep it safely tucked away till the next cleaning session.

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