Design Your Ideal Feature Wall Or Bespoke Furniture With This Super Versatile Ultracompact Surface


As a design-savvy homeowner, you probably have a few ideas on how to realise your dream home. Whether it is a stunning feature wall or that perfect dining table to fit a family of 6, these interior fittings and furnishings can sometimes be hard to source. This is why custom-design interior solutions have become so popular in Singapore. When it comes to surfaces, choosing one that is long-lasting and resilient is just as important as aesthetics. Whether it is a tabletop or a wall cladding, interior surfaces are subject to the wears and tears of daily life.

One of the most durable materials in the market is ultracompact surfaces from Dekton. Made with a composite of 20 over raw materials, including quartz, this material has been engineered using the innovative Particle Sintering Technology process to result in a resilient surface that is resistant to UV rays, scratches, stains, abrasion and even thermal shock. Apart from its technical specifications, this material is also available in a variety of designs for a variety of interior and architectural applications. In fact, Dekton recently unveiled a revolutionary Slim version of its highly popular ultracompact surface that allows it to be used in a larger variety of applications.


On top of being ultra-thin, Dekton Slim surfaces are able to mimic the effect of any type of material with an impeccable standard of quality. With 9 designs that are inspired by natural stones, such as marble and granite, the ultracompact surfaces can match a variety of interior styles. What’s more, thanks to its slim format, you can even create bespoke furniture using this material for a true one-of-a-kind home.


This material is not only stylish, but it is also highly practical. The innovative manufacturing process results in a material that boasts high resistance to heat, scratches and abrasion. This means that Dekton surfaces will appear as good as new over time without having to undergo treatment or refinishing. In addition, thanks to its superior technical qualities that make it resistant to scratches, stains and thermal shock, Dekton surfaces are rather easy to clean. The surfaces are stain resistant and chemically resistant due to its extremely low porosity characteristics. As such, splashes of common household chemicals like bleach will not discolour the material.


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