Love the Minimalist Desert Look? Here’s How You Can Pick the Perfect Surfaces to Pull it Off


Maria Fernandez, Marketing Manager of Cosentino Asia, shares her expert tips on picking the perfect low-maintenance surfaces for your desert-look home.

How do you suggest homeowners pick the right surfaces to suit this style?

When I think of desert-inspired interiors, Palm Springs’ mid-century modernism comes to mind. It evokes a timeless aesthetic, spatial beauty that changes throughout the day, particularly at twilight, when light and shadow interact with the surfaces. I would recommend surfaces with sleek lines and earthy tones that are greyish-cream in colour. Soft veining and subtle specks work well too.

What are some things homeowners forget to think about when choosing surfaces for their homes?

squarerooms cosentino kitchen island counter desert style neutral minimalist quartz surface stools

Many homeowners match their countertops and surfaces to a trendy paint colour or a piece of bold furniture. The result can be gorgeous, but colour tastes often change over time. The room could be repainted or the furniture may be replaced, making the surfaces look outdated.

Besides quartz and stone, another material that complements the desert style is wood. What are some ways homeowners can incorporate this material?

Using natural materials like wood is a great way to blur the lines between man-made and natural. Wood pairs especially well with ultra-compact surfaces like Dekton to bring warmth and balance to the room. Consider wooden cabinetry and shelving or adding wooden furniture such as stools or chairs. Wooden ceilings and floors are also a great option for that natural touch.

The desert look is complemented by raw, unpolished surfaces, but they can be difficult to clean. How do you suggest striking a balance between a raw texture and something that’s easy to maintain?

squarerooms cosentino integrity q sink quartz surface white grey minimalist desert style look

I would definitely recommend high-performance materials that are easy to maintain for surfaces that see a lot of heavy use, such as kitchen countertops and bathroom shower walls. Many surfaces, such as Dekton, are available in different textures to suit every homeowner’s needs and preferences while retaining a low-maintenance nature.

Do you recommend styling a space around the surfaces or picking the surfaces once the rest of the design is set?

Start envisioning the overall style and mood for your home first, then work on individual elements to achieve the look you want. Once you have the overall colour scheme in place, consider the undertones of the main elements in the room, like the flooring and cabinetry, and choose surfaces that complement and balance them out.

This post was adapted from an article originally published in IdealHomes 2021.