The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind of Dad


Now that we have made it halfway through the year, father’s day is slowly but surely getting closer. If you struggle with finding the perfect gift for your dad year after year, our handy gift guide is bound to give you some ideas. Whether your dad is always on the go, loves watching movies or tends to lose his keys, we’ve got you covered.

The dad who’s always on the go
For the dad who always seems to be rushing everywhere, a wireless phone charger like the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand can be a lifesaver. Your dad can bring it along and charge his phone on the go, the phone stand even allowing him to watch his favourite shows while the phone charges.

The dad who works long hours
After a long day at work, nothing feels as nice as resting your legs and sinking into a comfortable chair. A rocking chair can enhance this experience even further, giving your dad the rest he deserves after long hours on his feet. Commune’s Paco Rocking Chair comes with a masculine design, sporting dark leather and high-end walnut wood for an especially luxurious gift.

squarerooms commune paco rocking chair

Paco Rocking Chair, Commune, $1119.20

The movie-buff dad
If your dad loves a good movie night, you can put a big smile on his face by improving the sound system in his home. The JBL Bar 9.1 takes up little space with its sleek design, yet offers powerful sound that will transform your dad’s living room into a home theatre.

SquareRooms JBL Bar 9.1 TV Sound Bar

Bar 9.1, JBL, $1,799

The dad who can’t go without coffee
Does the smell of fresh coffee always remind you of your dad? If so, a coffee grinder like the BODUM Bistro Burr is the perfect thing to add to his breakfast arsenal. Instead of constantly heading out to coffee shops and missing his favourite drink in situations like the recent circuit breaker, your dad will be able to enjoy his favourite coffee in the comfort of his own home.

The bar-hopping dad
With bars being closed during the circuit breaker and much of its aftermath, many dads have been missing their favourite craft beer. If your dad is one of them, you can surprise him on father’s day by getting premium beverages delivered straight to his door. BunkerBunker, for instance, handily organises all of its beers, ales and meads by flavour, making it easy to pick out the perfect gift.

squarerooms bunkerbunker orval trappiste craft beer home delivery cheese platter lifestyle shot

Orval Trappiste Ale, BunkerBunker, $12.80

The dad who’s working from home
Make your dad’s work-from-home life a little easier with a comfortable and versatile mouse, such as ante’s Swiftpoint Propoint. This tiny bluetooth mouse can be easily brought along in a bag and used on a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for work from the office, from home and even on the go. Planning a special presentation? Not to worry—the compact mouse doubles up as a presentation clicker as well.

The messy dad
It’s not a secret that some dads can be a bit of a mess, losing and leaving things everywhere. If your dad is part of this club, you can give him a hand by getting him a key organiser. The Orbitkey 2.0 is made from durable polymer and stainless steel, both of which can withstand water and dust accumulation. It keeps up to seven keys tucked away at your dad’s fingertips and even allows him to attach his car key for easy access.

squarerooms orbitkey 2.0 the wallet shop key organiser

Orbitkey 2.0, The Wallet Shop, $33.90