For Sellers: Should You Get A Housing Agent?

For sellers, one of the more important factors to consider is whether you want to sell your property yourself, or find a housing agent. So, should you get a housing agent involved? On one hand, you have to consider the commission (a good 2% excluding GST) they’re taking, and on the other, they’re many resources that you can use to sell your property yourself. If you’re thinking of going down the DIY route, here is a list.

Do your homework

This is the most important to cutting a housing agent out of the deal; you need to know exactly what you’re getting into, and this means almost memorising the entire resale links. This will be your bible for everything resale, so refer to it constantly for paperwork help and ever-changing policies.

Be prepared to place your own ads

Be it in the newspapers, online or even hard copies that can be pasted on walls, bus stops and around central areas, you’ll inevitably have to get your hands dirty, so if you’re the busy sort, this option is probably not for you.

Visit these websites for help,,,,, there’re a million websites that you can list your property on and these are just some of them. Use technology to your advantage – even posting about it on Facebook groups and your own timeline helps!

Entertain viewers yourself

Dressing up your home is often a homeowner’s priority and responsibility, but having to be around when they arrive is another matter altogether. Oftentimes, agents have a copy of your keys and are able to be there for viewings when you’re not. They will also liaise with potential buyers and take care of dead buyers. The most important question is, do you have the time and patience?

It all sounds ideal to palm off the work to an agent, but when you calculate the 2% cut, you might think twice. Hence, this should help you out in the decision making:

Advantages of cutting the agent out of the deal:

  • If your buyer doesn’t have a property agent either, you guys both get to save a ton!
  • You don’t have anyone influencing your decision. Most of the time, agents will tell you to hold out for a better offer when you’re already satisfied.
  • Say you’re already eyeing a house, or buying from a relative – why get an agent involved? Just do the paperwork, and you’re done!
  • There is no ding-donging – you get to answer questions directly and speed up the process invariably.