This Intuitive Kitchen Faucet is Perfect for Busy Homeowners


When it comes to equipping your kitchen, choosing appliances and fittings that streamline your household chores should be of the utmost importance. Fitted out with an intuitive start-and-stop button, the GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Mixers allow us to transition effortlessly between cooking and washing, bringing seamlessness and harmony into a hectic cooking space.

Seamless transitions

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Innovative and sustainable, the GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Mixers make moving through even the most high-traffic kitchen a breeze. Whether your hands are free or taken up by pots and pans in busy moments, simply walk up to the faucet and activate the water flow with the push of a button, using your fingertips or even your wrist or elbow.

For extra convenience, the desired intensity and temperature of the water can be set beforehand by turning the start button and adjusting the temperature valve, making the faucet extra effortless to use when things get hectic. The controls are not just fuss-free but also remarkably precise to allow for meticulous adjustments.

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You’ll also be glad to know that these mixers come equipped with a versatile pull-out spray, giving you added flexibility and eliminating the need to lift heavy pots and pans during cleaning. Once finished, the spray head conveniently retracts into place with ease thanks to integrated magnetic docking.

Safer drinking water

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As the source of our drinking water, the kitchen faucet should be more than just convenient. It should also ensure that the water we drink is healthy and fresh straight from the tap.

The GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Mixers come with built-in GROHE Zero technology, which lends the faucets maximum health benefits. The mixers’ isolated inner waterways avoid any contact between the water flow and harmful substances like lead and nickel. The result is a cup of crisp drinking water that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen with complete peace of mind.

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From left to right: Zedra, Essence, Minta

Of course, we don’t just look for functionality when we pick out a faucet—we appreciate a sleek exterior too, and the GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Mixers certainly express the fine balance between functional and stylish. The mixers are currently available in three designs: Zedra, with a triangular base, Essence, with smooth curves, and Minta, which boasts a classic cylindrical stand.

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Experience the GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Mixers yourself at GROHE Gallery, conveniently located at 24 Mohd Sultan Road. Click here to book a visit.

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