Get Fresh And Greater Tasting Water With This Nifty Water Purifier


With water making up 60 per cent of our bodies, and being responsible for regulating our body temperatures and maintaining bodily functions, it’s safe to say that this chemical substance is essential to our life. As such, it makes sense that we should only feed ourselves water from the best of sources. That’s where Ruhens and their latest water purifier WHP-3000 comes in.

Equipped with a NanoFACT filter, the WHP-3000 offers up five different precise temperature controls – at 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC and 87ºC – through a direct cooler and heating technology. What this means is that there is a lower risk of secondary bacteria contamination as there is no tank needed in the cooling and heating of the water. What’s more, with a detachable faucet that can be easily rinsed under the tap, any risk of contamination from dirt or dust particles from the surrounding air is also lowered.


Design-wise, this elegant appliance measures in at only 16cm in width despite standing tall at 40cm, making it a relatively slim product that can be seamlessly integrated into any type of home no matter the design style. As a safety feature, there is also a safety lock function that prevents accidental incidents from careless hot water usage.

Recognising that modern households these days are big on saving energy and being eco-friendly, there is also an Eco mode function added to the water purifier to help conserve electricity. Utilising an in-built illuminance sensor to detect the brightness around the product 24 hours a day, this smart function stops hot and cold water production when the surroundings are dark, and even adjusts the display brightness to reduce unnecessary power consumption. When light is detected, the Eco mode is then automatically deactivated and the purifier goes back to functioning as per normal.

With over 25 years of manufacturing know-how and filter technology, Ruhens has undoubtedly cemented itself as a leading supplier of high quality water purifiers and bottled water coolers worldwide. And with the ability to get fuss-free great tasting water right at our fingertips, the WHP-3000 certainly makes its case as the perfect kitchen accompaniment.

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