How to Set Up a Home Gym in a Super Small Space


With Covid-19 on the loose, many homeowners prefer burning calories in the comfort of their own abodes. Interested in setting up a home gym? Here’s how you can do it in space-poor Singapore.

Utilise wall storage

home gym with equipment and wall storage

Image courtesy of @orbit_fitness

A cluttered gym benefits no one’s fitness motivation, so make sure you’ve got all the storage space you need to stow away those weights, duffel bags and jumping ropes. Wall shelves, hooks and hanging baskets are nifty in this case as they are affordable and can be easily installed. If you have an eye for aesthetics, feel free to use them as decorative displays too!

Mount a screen on the wall

Image courtesy of Posh Home

Image courtesy of Posh Home

Your children and spouse won’t appreciate you hogging the TV each time you need to do your HIITs. Instead of fighting over who gets the remote, get your own screen to broadcast exercise tutorials and Netflix shows while working out. On rest days, it can even serve as an extra screen for the family.

Install a ceiling-mounted pull-up bar

Image courtesy of The Cousins

Image courtesy of The Cousins

A ceiling-mounted pull-up bar is great for fitness junkies who dislike bulky exercise equipment. Not only does it offer more stability compared to door-mounted pull-up bars, but it’s also much easier to use for strength-training beginners. Feel free to install it at the centre of the room or away from the walls for fewer movement restrictions.

Make use of interlocking foam mats

interlocking foam mats

Image courtesy of Tots Classroom

Foam mats are useful for two things: they’re good at protecting your flooring and they’re good at protecting you, especially if you’re working out on concrete floors. Instead of getting one giant mat that covers the entire floor (and can be difficult to wash if the need arises in the future), get yourself interlocking foam mats that are easy to assemble and remove. While storing them away, you can also stack them on top of one another to save space.

Build a kid-friendly climbing wall

child climbing rock climbing wall at home

Image courtesy of Eldorado Climbing Walls

Besides adding to the aesthetics of your home gym, a climbing wall also gets the little ones involved. Unleash your creative juices and install climbing holds at different angles for a personalised rock climbing experience. If finding materials is too much work, opt for this Flat Climbing Wall Set that is perfect for young kids. Remember the foam mats? They will come in handy once more, cushioning plenty of falls.

Add some mirrored stick-on tiles

Spacious gym with long mirrors

Image courtesy of Sierra Pacific Windows

Mirrors are essential to every home gym as they offer opportunities to work on your form while also making a small room appear more spacious. You can choose to mount a giant glass mirror on the wall, but a simpler alternative is to use mirrored stick-on tiles. Lightweight and easy to paste on, these mirror tiles from IKEA might just do the trick.

Featured image courtesy of Meter Square