How A Centrepiece Can Change Your Dining Table

Most of us take centrepieces for granted, reserving it for weddings and special occasions. Truth of the matter is, centrepieces play a much bigger part in home decor as is any other type of furniture.

Centre of attention

centre of attention

Add a simple centrepiece and instantly, you’ll be granted with an feature that will steal the attention in the whole room. A centrepiece helps people focus and in thus doing, will naturally enhance the table and with it, the room itself.

Adding elegance

adding elegance

Having something other than clutter purposefully on the table is immediately considered decoration, and anything that is decoration will automatically add elegance to any piece of furniture.

It completes a table

completes a table

A table without a centrepiece is like a human without a soul. It works fine, but there’s just something missing. A great centrepiece will add character and personality to whatever it sits on.

Types of centrepieces

Fresh flowers

fresh flowers

Science has shown that the presence of freshly cut flowers can change the entire mood of the home and the people in it. Recommended long lasting flowers are eustomas, carnations, sunflowers and chrysanthemums.

Remember to cut them at an angle (so they can soak up maximum water) and pop them in a clean vase immediately when you get home. Fresh floral scents also have the capability to alter one’s mood.



Other than mildly but gradually scenting your living space, potpourri can add a much needed pop of colour – and that makes a world of a difference.

A candelabrum


The easiest centerpiece has to be a candelabrum; it’s easy to wipe down and requires absolutely no maintenance. Light the candles when you feel like it and leave it to beautify your place when unlit.

A potted plant

potted plant

In order to inject life into your home, choose a low maintenance plant as your centerpiece. Not only will it cleanse the air around, it will also blossom and bloom, and provide an ever-changing centerpiece.

A bowl of fruits

bowl of fruits

Whether fake or not, fruits is another easy option as it will imbue your home with life and colour. As another benefit, it will be a constant reminder to get your daily fruit intake.

An art structure


By far the easiest of them all is getting an abstract art structure to act as your centerpiece. Apart from the occasional dusting, the piece will lend elegance and be the cherry on top of your home decor.