6 Clever IKEA Picks Under $10 to Finally Get Your Kitchen Organised


The kitchen is the home’s most important space, but it can also be the most cluttered. Here are six organising tools from IKEA that will make your life easier in the kitchen!

Observatör Clip-On Basket


Observatör Clip-On Basket, $5. Image courtesy of IKEA

There’s always spare space on hand with the Observatör Clip-On Basket, a useful tool that attaches to any shelf in your kitchen. This way you can free up space on the tabletops to make them tidier. The basket is also great for storing mixes, dips or fruits and vegetables, all while keeping them within arm’s reach. For more storage space, you can even hang several baskets vertically from a shelf or stack them on a flat surface.

Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser


Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser, $2.90. Image courtesy of IKEA

Not all of us have the habit of folding reused plastic bags into tiny triangles before putting them away. The most common  (but messiest) way to store plastic bags is by stashing them into drawers, under the sink or in another plastic bag. The Variera Plastic Bag Dispenser ensures that all plastic bags are kept in one place, allowing you to dispense them as easily as you would a piece of tissue paper. Despite the name, you don’t have to use this just for plastic bags. Feel free to store other things in it, such as paper rolls or even gloves!

Kungsfors Net Bag


Kungsfors Net Bag, $7.90. Image courtesy of IKEA

For the environmentally conscious, the Kungsfors Net Bag is a sustainable way to store fruits and vegetables. Available in two sizes, the net bags don’t just keep your greens tidy but also make them last longer thanks to the constant airflow. Simply hook them onto your kitchen wall for easy reach. Feel free to bring them out as reusable and fashionable market bags too!

Variera Shelf Insert


Variera Shelf Insert, $5.90. Image courtesy of IKEA

Besides maximising storage, the Variera Shelf Insert does wonders for organisation. Instead of reaching as far as you can to get hold of kitchenware hidden in the darkest corners of your cabinets, you can now stack items with varying heights such as plates, bowls or those tall wine glasses you only take out for special occasions. Most importantly, you can get a quick overview of what’s inside your cabinets. The shelf inserts also come in two sizes, both with the same width but varying depths.

Sunnersta Rail with Hooks and Containers


Sunnersta Rail With 4 Hooks and 2 Containers, $5.90. Image courtesy of IKEA

If your cabinets are cluttered with kitchenware, the Sunnersta Rail helps you free up room by utilising the space on your wall. This way, you can keep your cooking utensils close at hand without ever forgetting where you put that spatula! You can even fit small plants into the containers to infuse your kitchen with some greenery.



PLUTT HOOK, $1.90 for three pieces. Image courtesy of IKEA

One of the most affordable items on this list is also the most handy, allowing you to stash smaller items on the inside of your cabinet doors. Just attach your snacks or sauce packets to metal clips and have them hanging neatly from these self-adhesive PLUTT Hooks. You can also hang your grocery list, to-do-list or favourite recipes to keep all of those flimsy papers in one place.