The Best Lighting to Spice Up Your Romance in the Bedroom

Did you know that lighting is the most important factor when setting a mood? Particularly when crafting a romantic space, opting for the right kind of lighting can make all the difference. To get you started on the right track, here are some of our favourite lighting fixtures for a super romantic bedroom.

Ceiling lamps

The secret to a romantic bedroom? Softness everywhere! Not just in your textiles, but in the shapes and materials you opt for too. That’s why pendant lamps and chandeliers make for a great lighting option in the bedroom, often incorporating rounded shapes and very few harsh angles. We recommend a pink-tinted pendant light like the URBANA from Lightcraft or an understated chandelier like the Sea Gull from FortyTwo. For a more industrial style, opt for a flexible design with plenty of curves, like the Coraline pendant lights from HipVan.

squarerooms romantic ceiling pendant lamps

URBANA pendant light from Lightcraft, Sea Gull chandelier from FortyTwo, Coraline pendant lights from HipVan

Floor lamps

If you’ve got an empty corner in the bedroom that looks a little dark and awkward, a tall floor lamp will do the trick to give it some life. Go for a minimalist look with a classic downward-pointing lamp like the Muuto floor lamp from Finnish Design Shop or make that lonely corner stand out more with FortyTwo’s Adesso Piedmont. Regardless of which style of lighting you opt for, we recommend a cream or pink-toned lampshade for that gentle glow.

squarerooms romantic standing floor lamps

Muuto floor lamp from Finnish Design Shop, Adesso Piedmont portable light from FortyTwo

Table lamps

What’s a bedroom without a bedside table lamp? Nothing will get the romantic vibe going like a cosy light with a textured lampshade, such as Castlery’s Yvonne. If you like the look of candlelight, on the other hand, opt for the Yeelight Candela from HipVan, which replicates light from a flame and can be controlled through a handy app.

squarerooms romantic bedside table lamps

Yvonne table lamp from Castlery, Yeelight Candela lamp from HipVan

Wall lamps

Reminiscent of the lighting in a hotel suite, wall-mounted lamps can do a lot to take your romantic mood up a notch. They also tend to come in much more unconventional designs than other lamps, making them interesting and eye-catching additions to your bedroom. If you’re aiming for a cool-toned and luxurious look, the FICCAS wall lamp from Lights&Co and the Sabra lamp from FortyTwo are sure to do the trick with their sophisticated glass designs. A warmer ambience can be created using the Edith candy holder lamp from Screed, which looks remarkably soft despite its square shape.

squarerooms romantic wall lamps lights

FICCAS modern wall lamp from Lights&Co, Edith candy holder lamp from Screed, Sabra wall lamp from FortyTwo

Smart lamps

While smart lamps are not always the most romantic-looking on the exterior, their many colour options, dimming features and adaptability to a variety of moods make them a pretty great choice for a romantic bedroom. IKEA’s new multi-colour SYMFONISK lamps even double up as speakers, helping you set the mood you want with one single device. The well-loved Philips Hue, on the other hand, can be connected to other entertainment gadgets to automatically change the lighting according to the beat of your favourite song or the mood of the movie you’re watching.

squarerooms romantic smart lamps lights

SYMFONISK collection from IKEA, Philips Hue

Featured image courtesy of IKEA