Keep Your Kitchen Organised with this Clever Waste Separation System


Staying organised is important in every room of the house, but nowhere does it matter as much as in the kitchen. If your kitchen isn’t organised, you’ll end up with messy cabinets, cluttered countertops and an unproductive workflow that impedes cooking and washing up.

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One of the most important aspects of kitchen organisation is your waste disposal. Where you place your rubbish bin, how you separate waste and how easily accessible the whole system is can make or break your kitchen organisation. For optimal food prep and clean-ups, it makes the most sense to keep your waste bins directly underneath the sink, where you’ll be able to access them quickly while chopping and washing up.

For a waste separation system with flexible bin divisions, look no further than BLANCO. Whether you want to separate your recyclables or need some extra space to store cleaning materials, BLANCO’s waste separation systems ensure a beautiful, organised kitchen with waste bins that vanish seamlessly behind the kitchen fronts. It doesn’t matter if you have hinged cabinet doors or front pull-outs—BLANCO has a waste solution for every homeowner.

The perfect waste system for hinged doors

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Whether your cabinet doors open from the left or from the right, BLANCO offers a waste separation system to suit your needs. With the BLANCO BOTTON, for instance, simply open the door and pull out the rubbish bin system to dispose of your waste, then lift out the bins to remove or clean them.

For something mounted directly on the inside of your cabinet doors, opt for the BLANCO SINGOLO XL, which offers an extra-large waste volume for cabinets with more than 30 cm in width. Our favourite feature? The lid of your rubbish bin conveniently opens with the cabinet door, keeping your hands clean throughout.

Easy waste separation for pull-out cabinets

squarerooms blanco waste separation system kitchen solution rubbish bin under inside cabinet white wood countertop woman opening


Pull-out cabinets are especially common in newer kitchen designs, maximising the full depth of the cabinet with easy access to every nook and cranny. This extra room is particularly suitable for a space-savvy waste system, like the BLANCO FLEXON II, which is moreover accessible from the sink above for seamless waste disposal.

With various waste receptacles placed alongside one another, this waste system truly makes the most of the available space. If you want that extra bit of storage space in the same cabinet, add an extra level above the waste system and keep your sponges, towels, rubber gloves and bottle brushes within arm’s reach.

Shop BLANCO’s waste separation systems now at Looking for a seamlessly integrated kitchen? Opt for the BLANCO Unit, which combines a kitchen sink, faucet and waste separation system in a convenient three-in-one unit.

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