Find Out How these Cat Owners Got Rid of Unpleasant Smells and Allergens in their Home


Like most homeowners, Gary and Geraldine put time and effort into building their dream home. From choosing the perfect furnishings to ensuring that their abode is a safe and healthy space, they have taken great care to make it an ideal environment for themselves and their beloved cats, especially as they both work from home.

However, despite all their efforts, they found they weren’t able to fully enjoy their home as they faced challenges with lingering odours and allergens. Their cats’ litter boxes and pet dander triggered particularly strong allergic reactions and the couple began to struggle with itchy eyes and a runny nose.

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This not only made it hard to work from home but impacted their sleep quality as well. The smoke from incense burning near their flat and second-hand smoke from neighbours added yet another layer to the low air quality in the couple’s home, which became frustrating at times.

Thankfully, these issues are now in the past. We caught up with the husband-and-wife duo to find out how they reduced their allergic symptoms and improved their overall home environment.

The couple’s ultimate secret? The Dyson TP09, an air purifier like no other. “As we spend more time at home during this period, the Dyson TP09 has really helped to create a healthier environment for us to live and work in,” Geraldine shares. “It has helped to manage unwanted smells, as the air purifier captures oxidising gases such as cigarette smoke and car emissions, and the circulation power is strong enough to keep our whole room ventilated and the air purified.”

squarerooms dyson tp09 air purifier fan cool cat owners pets hdb bto flat odours smells litter boxes remove solve allergies fur

Of course, the cats played a big part in why the couple chose the Dyson TP09 in the first place. “Having two cats, with the occasional fostering of rescued cats, they tend to shed quite a bit of fur, which affects the quality of air in our home. Plus, having multiple litter boxes also affects our indoor air quality,” Gary recounts. “On and off, I’ll have itchy eyes and my wife will have a runny nose and sneeze a lot due to her allergies.”

Choosing an air purifier that packs a punch was crucial to ensuring that these issues would be resolved—and thankfully, the Dyson TP09 came to the rescue. “With the whole air purifier fully sealed to HEPA standard, not just the filters, it means we can capture all these pollutants and then prevent them from leaking back into the air we breathe. We now have fewer allergies and can clean the litter boxes without sneezing or tearing.”

The couple’s favourite way to use the air purifier? The handy diffused mode, which diverts air backwards to purify the room without cooling, working quietly in the background to capture dust and allergens without disturbing any cat napping!

One major advantage that drew the couple to the Dyson TP09 is its bladeless design, which is extra safe not just for small children but pets as well. “We can leave our pets unattended with the air purifier turned on without worrying about them getting hurt.”

squarerooms dyson tp09 air purifier fan cool cat owners pets hdb bto flat odours smells litter boxes remove solve allergies fur app phone screen

And speaking of leaving the cats unattended, the air purifier’s smart features make it extra convenient even when no one’s at home. “I tend to be forgetful and leave appliances turned on, so it’s good to have an air purifier that has a timer so it can turn itself off even when we forget to, or I can use the app to switch it off remotely,” Gary shares. On top of that, the app also shows real-time air quality and notifies you when the filters are due to be replaced, making it extra easy to maintain.

Both Gary and Geraldine couldn’t recommend the Dyson TP09 enough. Having ensured their own health and their cats’ safety, they wrap things up with a sense of relief: “We can breathe and sleep better, so we wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.”

With its cutting-edge design and user-friendly functionality, Dyson’s TP09 Air Purifier offers much more than just a cooling breeze. Equipped with impressive filtration and efficient cooling systems, it is an absolute must-have for improving your home environment.

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