Lingering Odours in Your Brand New BTO Flat? Here’s How You Can Fix it

You’ve just moved into your brand new BTO flat—you can’t get enough of the beautiful renovation works and you’re ready to finally enjoy the home you’ve waited so long for. But then you start to notice some unpleasant smells. The carpentry, the new furniture, the freshly painted walls—it all keeps affecting the air quality in your flat, making working from home and even falling asleep challenging.

If it’s any consolation, you’re far from alone. In fact, lingering odours from new carpentry and furniture are very common in freshly renovated flats. Homeowners Hock Lai and Jean were excited to start their new lives and enjoy the home they poured so much love into, but soon began to face this very issue, exacerbated by the construction going on all around their new estate. Having a young daughter with sinusitis made things especially complicated, so they needed a long-term solution that wouldn’t let them down. Thankfully, they found just what they needed—the Dyson TP09, an air purifier like no other.

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“There tends to be a lot of unsettled dust in the air post-renovation, even after a thorough clean-up,” Jean shares. “As I’m sensitive to dust, my eyes and nose get easily irritated and at times, my skin will start to itch too.” Hock Lai couldn’t even work from home due to the smell, recounting that the pungent formaldehyde smell from the new furniture and carpentry got him tearing after 30 minutes.

They soon realised that this problem wasn’t going away on its own. “With almost 80% of our house wrapped with carpentry, we knew we needed a long-term solution that helps to keep formaldehyde at bay, not just post-renovation but also for our ongoing wellbeing, as formaldehyde is known to off-gas for years.”

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This required an air purifier that’s not just powerful but long-lasting too. “After using the TP09, I am now able to stay at my desk for full workdays… I like that the TP09 destroys formaldehyde continuously, which is made possible by the self-regenerating catalytic filters, which never need replacing. It really gives us the assurance of clean air in our house,” the husband shares happily.

If they ever need extra reassurance, they can see the results for themselves. “We know that the overall air quality has greatly improved as we can see it in real-time on both the LCD screen and the Dyson Link app. What makes this even better is that the circulation power of the TP09 is strong enough to keep the whole room ventilated and the air purified despite our windows being closed… It also gives me peace of mind that the air at home is clean to breathe in, especially for my daughter.”

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Like any parents, Hock Lai and Jean were particularly worried about how the bad air quality was affecting their child. Nowadays, Jean loves using the Dyson TP09 in the master bedroom, which her daughter shares with them. “Using TP09 improves her sleep; she doesn’t need to wake up in the middle of the night anymore to clear her stuffy nose due to her sinusitis.”

The couple also found the purifier to be pleasantly quiet, working its magic almost unnoticed. “With Dyson working quietly in the background, I am assured that my daughter is able to breathe in clean air, sleeps better and wakes up well-rested.” It’s perfectly safe too, even when left unattended around a small child. “With its bladeless design, I feel more at ease leaving my daughter unsupervised when she’s napping or playing with her toys.”

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Last but certainly not least, Hock Lai is delighted with the purifier’s design. “Our design theme revolves around minimalism. We like how the colour scheme, as well as the purposeful design of the TP09, fits into our house decor.” He also appreciates that the purifier is smart-enabled, allowing the couple to communicate with it using voice commands through Google Home.

The Dyson TP09 not only transformed the couple’s experience of moving into their new home but also helped to elevate the overall environment, improving their wellbeing for a happier, safer home life.

With its cutting-edge design and user-friendly functionality, Dyson’s TP09 Air Purifier offers much more than just a cooling breeze. Equipped with impressive filtration and efficient cooling systems, it is an absolute must-have for improving your home’s environment.

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