3 Nearly Professional Kitchen Appliances to Level Up Your Cooking at Home

Want to take your cooking at home up a notch? Check out these nearly professional-level kitchen appliances from V-ZUG, including an impressive combi-oven, a limitless cooker and a highly flexible induction cooktop.

A majestic combi-oven for pro-level cooking

squarerooms vzug kitchen appliances combisteamer grand oven

Standing out for its ability to combine various cooking methods and prep a multitude of dishes at the same time, the V6000 Grand CombiSteamer from V-ZUG offers unparalleled cooking flexibility and premium results for chef-quality meals at home.

The combi oven’s steam cooking function allows you to complete your favourite recipes in a shorter timeframe while preserving all of the ingredients’ nutritional properties for healthy, sumptuous dishes. Besides steaming, the V6000 Grand CombiSteamer also comes with baking, roasting and reheating functions, as well as the new grilling option.

With TwinHeat technology and a wider cooking chamber, it enables hot steam to be evenly distributed more quickly, paving the way for advanced culinary results. The spacious cooking chamber and extra-large baking tray offer room for a wide range of dishes, from large batches of cookies to long baguettes, back ribs and even entire turkeys and suckling pigs.

Simultaneous cooking is also possible with the V6000 Grand CombiSteamer— whether you’re in need of natural convection and steaming or a combo of grilling and forced air, simply select your preferred pairing for optimal cooking results with no limitations.

User safety is also taken into account, keeping the oven door cool to the touch at all times for risk-free handling during cooking. The internal stainless steel walls enable easy cleaning with no fuss.

Last but certainly not least, the V6000 Grand CombiSteamer fits seamlessly and elegantly into any kitchen with its sleek and understated design.

An all-in-one cooker with unlimited possibilities

squarerooms vzug kitchen appliances oven combisteam v6000 powersteam black

Meet the V-ZUG CombiSteam V6000 45M PowerSteam: a hot air oven, a steam cooker and a microwave all in one. Prep your favourite meals in record time while preserving the quality, colour, texture and taste of the food, all thanks to the innovative combination of microwave and combi-steam functions.

Other cooking methods include sous-vide and professional baking, as well as a variety of easy-cook programs for quick and simple dinners.

Unlike conventional microwave ovens that inject their power in pulses, the CombiSteam V6000 45M PowerSteam delivers heat at a constant rate, facilitating precise, even warming that preserves vitamins and avoids local overheating. Sensitive foods such as chocolate or butter can be melted gently.

Thanks to the inverter technology and the improved energy distribution that goes with it, the three operating modes—hot air, steam and microwave—can be used at the same time without any problem.

A flexible, seamless induction cooktop

squarerooms vzug kitchen appliances fullflex induction cooktop stove pots and pans

Discover the full potential of induction cooking with the innovative V-ZUG V6000 FullFlex Induction Cooktop, which does away with specified cooking zones, giving you the freedom to cook any way you like.

Place your cookware anywhere on the ceramic surface and this smart cooktop will automatically detect the size and location of your pan—for up to six pans at the same time! For a more compact kitchen with less countertop space, opt for the smaller FullFlex and enjoy ultimate cooking freedom without the space constraints.

Both cooktops boast a large, full-colour graphic display with intuitive touch operation, giving you all the information you need at a glance. With the ProfessionalMode, you can ease the cooking process even more by changing from a rapid boil to a gentle simmer with a simple movement of your cookware. Another handy feature is PowerPlus, which boosts your temperature for rapid heating at an advanced speed.

The GourmetGuide, on the other hand, offers a selection of programs to make cooking simpler and more intuitive. Whether you’re simmering, melting, reheating or keeping cooked food warm, just call up the function and you’re good to go.

The cherry on top is the teppanyaki plate accessory; place it on the cooktop and get ready to explore everything from a full English breakfast to Japanese okonomiyaki. Not surprisingly, the V6000 FullFlex Induction Cooktop was awarded the Plus X Award quality seals for innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use and functionality, as well as the Red Dot Award in 2019.

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