Prepare Drinks in No Time With this Instant Water Dispenser

If you love hosting, you know how tiring it can be to make drinks for multiple guests. Some prefer their drink cold, some hot, and some can only take drinks at room temperature. The occasional guest might even ask for sparkling water!

Instead of prepping ice, boiling water and spending lots of time getting it to just the right temperature, get your hands on an instant water dispenser. The nifty ZIP HYDROTAP by Multico doesn’t just filter your water to make it much safer to drink, but it also dispenses boiling, chilled, ambient and even sparkling water within seconds.

Better than a kettle

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The range of ZIP HYDROTAP water dispensers is designed to suit different kitchen styles, eliminating the need for a slow, time-consuming kettle cluttering countertops or bottles taking up space in your fridge.

Of course, the filtration aspect is important too. “It’s nice to be able to serve friends and family pure-tasting water that has undergone the latest water filtration at the touch of a button,” shares a product expert from Multico.

These water dispensers come in different models to suit your family’s water preference. The most popular models are Boiling and Ambient, Boiling and Chilled, as well as Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling.

Minimal maintenance

“What makes it a fuss-free addition to your kitchen is that no periodic maintenance is required; no quarterly checks or bothersome filter cleaning,” the expert explains.

Once the filter reaches the end of its lifespan (usually 12 months for a typical family unit), a built-in program will alert you that it’s time for a filter change. “While changing the filter is fairly straightforward, technical assistance is just a call away should you need it.”

Easy installation

No need to worry about complex installation. The brand’s team of technicians will take care of it and the whole process can be easily coordinated with your contractor to fit around other renovation works. The ZIP HYDROTAP can usually be installed, tested and commissioned within just one to two hours!

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