Remodel Your Kitchen With These Smart Oven Arrangements


Regardless of your cooking habits or favourite recipe, an efficient layout is always the key to a smoother experience in the kitchen – and that’s why the way your ovens are arranged matters.  Considered a major built-in appliance due to its function, where and how an oven is positioned has a bearing on the configuration of your kitchen space. Check out these popular oven arrangements to determine the right one for you.

1. Vertical


If you have an oven and microwave in your kitchen, it might be preferable to stack them one on top of each other at eye-level for easy monitoring. This particular oven set-up also looks great in compact kitchens, especially when positioned beside similarly-scaled structures – such as a tall refrigerator or a cabinet tower – as they fill up empty gaps in the background for a fuller visual profile.

2. Side-by-side


If you have a large stretch of wall that is empty, a side-by-side oven set-up is an option that you might want to explore. Doing so offers practicality as it allows kitchen-users to simultaneously operate and monitor the cooking progress of two ovens. Moreover, this layout is capable of accommodating other appliances along the same expanse of space for added functionality, such as a coffee machine or a microwave.

3. Built under worktop


Having your oven built into the base of a kitchen island or preparation counter helps to create extra room for wall storage. To save even more horizontal space, opt for a kitchen range, which combines a stove and oven into a single appliance.

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