6 Space-Saving Ideas For A Small Kitchen


Often one of the busiest rooms in the house, small kitchens get overwhelmed quickly with food and appliances, so the key is to keep the space organised with plenty of storage solutions.

  1. Folding table
    With a timeless, minimalist design, the String System (Folding Table) by Danish Design Co can be modified over time to suit all your different storage needs while saving space in a smaller kitchen.


    Price upon request, Danish Design Co

  2. Expandable shelving
    Cabinetry specialist Häfele has plenty of small-space storage solutions that can be swivelled, pulled down or drawn out to help you make the most of neglected spots. The iMove wall unit lets you store things high up and take them down easily without needing a tall person to help.


    $536.30, Häfele

  3. Retractable unit
    The Compact Kitchen by Spaceman negates the need for dedicating a whole room to your cooking needs, saving you plenty of space. Even though it’s slim enough to be used as a room divider, it can be fitted with a sink, oven, stove, fridge or microwave. You can even mount a 40-inch TV on it.


    $12,000, Spaceman

  4. Corner cabinet
    The LeMans II corner solution by Häfele uses a carousel system to turn awkward corner cabinets into a space-saving storage area for pots and equipment. Gone are the days of over-crowded kitchen cabinets!


    $1,061.21, Häfele

  5. Pull-out counter
    Got a crowd to feed? Pull out the Atim Opla-top by Ewins from the drawer unit under the counter to get extra prep space. Allowing you to have all of the functionality without taking up floor space, this unit is ideal for a smaller kitchen.

    squarerooms-Atim Opla-Top-kitchen-countertop-wooden-expandable-retractable-functional-furniture-red-mixer-fruits

    Price upon request, Ewins

  6. Adaptable pantry
    Love a well-stocked pantry? Pack more into a small kitchen cabinet with the space-saving Tandem pantry unit by Häfele. Aside from holding a lot of items, the shelves at the back can be pulled forward when you open the door so you can see everything you have at a glance.


    $1,677, Häfele

This post was adapted from an article originally published in the March 2020 issue of SquareRooms.