For a Spa-Like Bathroom in Your Small Flat, Get the hansgrohe Pulsify Shower

If your apartment is rather small, you may think that you have to settle for a basic bathroom with no room for rest and relaxation. Designing your bathroom like a relaxing oasis with a dreamy spa shower certainly seems out of the question.

But you don’t actually need a landed house to pull off a spa-like bathroom setup. All you really need is a soothing design—and, of course, the perfect shower to help you sink into dreamy indulgence at the end of a long day.

A luxurious shower perfect for apartments

hansgrohe pulsify s overhead round rain shower

Pulsify S

Luxurious yet space-savvy, the hansgrohe Pulsify shower range now brings you two apartment-friendly, spa-inspired models: the Pulsify E and Pulsify S.

With a mix of handheld and overhead sprays, the Pulsify E brings you wellness and relaxation in a compact size, so you can experience the benefits of a relaxing shower setup no matter how small your bathroom is!

The Pulsify S is similarly space-saving with a flat design (including a flat-mounted pipe) and integrated storage solutions, for great shower pleasure in any bathroom.

Unwind after a long day with the soft PowderRain spray or set your shower to a massage jet to loosen stiff muscles. Switch it up, try out different spray modes and find the one that suits your needs on any given day.

Choose from versatile, modern shower finishes

hansgrohe pulsify e hand shower

Pulsify E

To truly evoke those spa vibes at home, craft your bathroom with a restful, understated look, perfectly complemented by the sleek yet eye-catching Pulsify shower range.

You know best what fits your personal style—are you feeling the distinct cubic form of the Pulsify E shower or the elegant curves of the Pulsify S? Both showers come in chrome, matte black and matte white, three versatile and modern finishes that easily match any bathroom style.

The range also seamlessly pairs with other hansgrohe accessories, especially the elegant hansgrohe Vivenis faucet range and WallStoris storage solutions—both popular picks with many apartment dwellers!

The Pulsify shower range is easy to clean and water-saving too

hansgrohe pulsify s shower hand

Pulsify S

No need to worry about any limescale build-up or complicated cleaning with the Pulsify shower range thanks to hansgrohe’s FastDrain and QuickClean technologies.

While FastDrain ensures that any residual water is instantly drained to minimise dripping after the shower is turned off, QuickClean allows you to keep the shower head clean with minimal effort. Just briefly run your fingers over the spray nozzles after showering to remove any lime and calcium deposits and you’re good to go.

hansgrohe pulsify e overhead ain shower

Pulsify E

On top of being extra low-maintenance, the Pulsify E and Pulsify S showers also help you save water thanks to hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, reducing your water consumption by up to 60%—without decreasing the shower pressure.

Water Flow Control and VolumeControl additionally allow you to enjoy your bathroom more responsibly while still indulging in a restful and refreshing shower experience.

Last but not least, the brand’s innovative CoolContact technology keeps your shower thermostat at a comfortable temperature at all times, so there’s never any risk of scalding.

hansgrohe pulsify s shower surface storage

Pulsify S

From the space-saving, luxurious design to the low-maintenance features and water-saving technology, the hansgrohe Pulsify shower range truly brings the full spa experience into the smallest of bathrooms.

Find out more and start crafting your dream bathroom now with the hansgrohe Pulsify shower range.

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