These Floor Care Products Will Help You Keep Your Floors In Pristine Condition

Flooring is a relatively big investment when building your dream home. While cleaning is a priority for homeowners, caring for the floor is often overlooked. This is especially important for natural materials like parquet, marble and granite. Chosen for their natural beauty and grandeur, these flooring require special care as they are porous and hence more susceptible to wear and tear.

Harsh detergents may strip off or damage its natural properties leaving floors looking dull and brittle so it is important to use the right products to care for your floors.

Sofix, a leader in parquet floor care and a quality product from Henkel Germany, has developed a range of floor care products specifically for your floor type to help you maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Sofix Parquet
Made from real pieces of wood, parquet adds warmth and elegance to interiors. But excessive water, dirt or grime can damage the flooring as the softness of these natural wood makes them more susceptible to scratches and dents. Sofix Parquet not only provides effective cleaning but its special beeswax ingredient also protects the natural beauty of the wood to give it a soft natural shine.

 Sofix Laminate
An increasingly popular flooring choice amongst homeowners these days is laminate. Available in a variety of styles as well as being generally more resistant to scratches and spills compared to parquet, laminates are perfect for the modern family. However, warping is a common problem with this material, especially when exposed to excessive water. Taking care of laminated floors requires gentle sweeping or vacuuming to remove grime. Using a specialised laminates cleaning solution like Sofix Laminate, which includes a sealing ingredient that offers protection against swelling while giving it a streak-free shine, will also keep them looking good as new.

Sofix Stone
Marble and its natural stone cousins like granite and terrazzo have become trendy materials thanks to their unique beauty. However, these flooring materials require more work to maintain their looks. As natural stone can be susceptible to erosion and stains, it is best to avoid cleaning products that contain lemon or vinegar. Instead, use a cleaning product like Sofix Stone, which is formulated with a neutral pH to gently clean natural stone surfaces while maintaining their natural shine.

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