Believe it or not, these Stunning Surfaces are Better than Marble

We all love a good marble surface. The material’s signature veining is many homeowners’ favourite look, and for good reason—it makes any space instantly feel lush and sophisticated. But marble also comes with many downsides, such as constant maintenance, porosity, discolouration, high cost and inconsistencies in the different material slabs. That’s where sintered surfaces come in, offering all of marble’s distinctive beauty without any of the material’s disadvantages.

The magic of sintered surfaces

squarerooms bellus laminates marble look walls bathroom white luxury gardenia slabs bathtub

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What exactly are sintered surfaces, you ask? Hailing from Italy, sintered surfaces, also known as Bellus’ Gardenia Slabs, are made of a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass using a proprietary manufacturing process involving high heat and pressure. This results in a variety of vibrant colours and vivid patterns that can barely be distinguished from natural marble once applied to the home. The surfaces are not only visually delightful, but they also come with a wide range of benefits for every area of the house, such as their non-porosity, which makes them more stain-resistant and long-lasting than natural marble. Too busy to spend time sealing and maintaining your surfaces? Fret not, the Gardenia Slabs need no such maintenance, requiring only the occasional clean with a wet cloth.

But there’s more. While marble, quartz, granite and other natural stone surfaces will discolour and lose their appeal over time due to wear and tear, sintered surfaces don’t suffer from discolouration even when exposed to the elements over long periods of time, retaining your home’s aesthetic in the long run. Overall, the Gardenia Slabs exceed natural stone in their technical performance without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of marble, quartz or granite surfaces.

A match made in heaven

Wondering what sintered surfaces could look like in your own home? Thankfully, the Gardenia Slabs are easy to book-match and can be combined into a variety of patterns to suit your needs and personal taste, resulting in a look that is entirely your own. While acquiring real marble that matches your exact requirements can be a lengthy and frustrating process, it becomes quick and fuss-free with the consistency of these sintered surfaces. The best part? You’ll get all of the striking beauty of natural marble, minus the hefty price tag.

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With over fifty combinations of colours and patterns derived from real marble and stone designs, the Gardenia Slabs breathe new life into dull spaces, be it in the form of a classic marble-look slab like Calacatta Gold or something bold and feisty like Agate Blue and Le Tinte Unite Black. The slabs are conveniently available in an impressive size of 320 x 160 cm, with levels of thickness ranging from 6.5 to 20 mm. While the thinnest slabs offer a slim and lightweight design for cabinet doors as well as aesthetic features and backsplashes, the thicker options perfectly combine durability, beauty and structural integrity for long-lasting countertops, feature walls, furniture and more.

squarerooms bellus laminates marble look walls bathroom white luxury gardenia slabs

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