Appliances Get Smart

Imagine being able to convert your freezer into a refrigerator whenever you need to. Or switch off a section of your refrigerator completely when you are on vacation. You can do all that and more with Samsung’s newest range of top-mounted freezer-refrigerators, the RT6000 (from $1,399), which features the Korean brand’s unique Twin Cooling Plus technology.


Equipped with two independent evaporators that produce two separate airflows in the fridge and freezer, the two compartments in the smart appliance can switch between five modes to suit your particular needs. The top-mounted refrigerator’s Twin Cooling Plus system also helps keep food fresh for longer as it ensures that a humidity level of up to 70 per cent is maintained. Samsung also unveiled the front-loading Samsung AddWash Washing Machine (from $1,399) that features an innovative access door that lets users add any piece of clothing without having to open the main washer door mid-cycle.

Available at all major home appliances and electronics stores.