The New Smeg Galileo Ovens Make Cooking Easier With Smart Multi-Functions

Make use of a multitude of cooking functions in a single appliance with the new generation of Galileo ovens from Smeg!

From steaming to sous vide and even convection cooking and microwaving, the new Galileo range from Smeg combines countless functions in a single oven, throwing smart algorithms into the mix.

This makes food prep quick, easy and consistent, so you can rest assured you’ll whip up a fabulous meal no matter your cooking skills.

Professional results in the kitchen

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Galileo Omnichef

Foodies and aspiring home chefs are sure to fall in love with Smeg’s professional cooking algorithms, which have been implemented in the new Galileo ovens.

These algorithms simplify home cooking for consistently professional results, even if you’re an amateur in the kitchen.

Different cooking methods can be programmed and triggered to operate one after another with the Multistep function, or simultaneously by activating Multitech, all without the need to reset the temperature and duration.

Steaming, sous vide and more

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Galileo Steam Range

One of our favourite models in the new Galileo range, the Steam100PRO certainly packs a punch.

This oven brings steam saturation from 20 to 100% to the table for healthy, fat-free cooking, as well as steam pulses at specific intervals to maintain humidity and avoid drying out your delicious meals.

A whopping total of ten steam functions are supported by a large two-litre water tank, which can be topped up even when the oven is closed.

Combine your steaming with sous vide cooking, barbecue, stone cooking and air frying for true versatility and make use of the “sametime” function to prep multiple dishes simultaneously.

The advanced multi-point probe is sure to come in handy too, identifying up to three temperature zones within meat and fish.

The ultimate oven that can do it all

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Galileo Omnichef

With the all-in-one Galileo Omnichef from Smeg, you’ll have all the cooking functions you can dream of at your fingertips—without the need to install multiple appliances and take up precious space in your kitchen.

The ultimate combi oven, the Galileo Omnichef brings together steaming, grilling and microwaving, which means you can prep almost any meal and even various dishes at the same time, all within a single appliance.

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Galileo SpeedwaveXL

Whether you’re drawn to the Steam100PRO, the Omnichef or one of the many other models in the new Galileo range (including the SpeedwaveXL combi microwave), these cutting-edge ovens from Smeg are bound to up your cooking game for good.

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