These New Bubble Tea-Inspired “Boba” Lights Make for a Fun Yet Minimalist Home

If you’re currently renovating your home or planning to renovate soon, you need to know about all of the unique, whimsical and minimalist lights you can get from Sol Luminaire.

We’ve been fans of the Sol Luminaire AEON lights for some time, but we’re especially excited about their new Boba lights, which are—you guessed it—inspired by bubble tea pearls!

Bubble tea-inspired “Boba” lights

sol luminaire boba bubble tea light

Image courtesy of Human + Space

Inspired by locals’ love for sweet and addictive bubble tea, the new Boba lights are fun and whimsical yet perfectly elegant. The lights consist of an artistic, carefully sandblasted globe, which exudes a warm glow for an inviting ambience at home.

The lights can be adjusted to a range of dim-to-warm settings, ranging from 3000K (warm white) to 1800K (for those romantic sunset vibes). The high colour rending index additionally enhances visual clarity and crispness.

Even when switched off, the Boba lights are a captivating addition to any interior, bringing playful, artisanal charm into your abode.

sol luminaire boba bubble tea light track mount

Image courtesy of Human + Space

Choose your bubble tea lights in any of four versatile mounting styles: recessed for dynamic lighting options; exposed for a bolder statement; track for something sleek and streamlined; and wall for the perfect bedside companion that doubles up as an adjustable reading lamp

You can even choose the size, be it a compact 100mm or 135mm for a slightly larger lamp. And last but not least, the finishes are customisable too, available in white, black and gold to complement your personal interior design style.

sol luminaire boba bubble tea lights bedroom

Image courtesy of Human + Space

The captivating new AEON Boba lights are not the only unique lights you can find at Sol Luminaire—head to their iconic sister store, the LAB2.1, to browse a mesmerising range of designer lights and statement homewares from all over the world.

Designer lights from Hangzhou and Spain

sol luminaire Mario Tsai Studio light woman shadow

If the soft minimalist style is your jam, you’ll love the innovative lights from Mario Tsai Studio, founded in Hangzhou, China. Crafted using unique premium materials like aluminium, stainless steel and glass, these lights are made to last and evoke modern, minimalist energy.

The best-selling Mazha collection is a special highlight from this studio, including an extraordinary pendant lamp made of round light tubes and flat glass that come together to create a transparent, voluminous structure. The result is an almost floating piece that’s both stark and minimalistic.

sol luminaire a-emotional light caos lamp

On the other hand, we’ve got Caos, the new collection of pendant lamps by a-emotional light, hailing from the northwest of Spain. Made using Japanese cords, these cosmos-inspired lamps are uniquely handworked to combine chaos and harmony, the final result oddly alluring.

These artistic lights are also customisable and available in white, grey and green, allowing you to choose the edition that best suits your home.

Bonus: Artisanal home fragrances from the French Alps

sol luminaire mad et len candles

While you’re browsing the whimsical lights at the LAB2.1, embark on a sensory journey with MAD et LEN (also available at Galerie 5), bringing you artisanal, experimental home fragrances straight from the French Alps.

sol luminaire mad et len candles potpourri making behind the scenes craft process hands

Using undiluted essential oils extracted from flowers, woods and spices, the brand crafts perfumes, candles and unique lava and resin potpourri, immersing you in luxurious scents.

Hand-hammered iron cases complement the hand-poured candles with a black fumé finish, making each one a true work of art.

sol luminaire boba bubble tea lights girl at cashier counter

Image courtesy of Human + Space

Stopping by Sol Luminaire and the LAB2.1 isn’t just worth it for the lovingly curated and masterfully crafted products, but also for their distinct retail experience. The stores are thoughtfully designed with a range of unique interior concepts, leading you on a captivating shopping journey across borders and artistic styles.

Plus, you can talk to the team about their bespoke lighting plans, which are specially tailored to every customer and sure you get the perfect lights for every area of your home.

Visit Sol Luminaire and the LAB2.1 now at 395/399 Guillemard Road and drop by Galerie 5 at 50 Craig Rd—or explore online for inspirational designs and artistic illumination!

This post was brought to you by Sol Luminaire.