You’ll Want to Steal These Unique Headboard Designs for Your Own Bedroom!

From painted backdrops to headboards that wrap around multiple sides of the bed, we’re in love with these bold and creative designs!

Painted backdrop

Instead of picking a classic headboard piece, save some space and show off your creativity by painting one! Whether you’re leaning towards a simple rainbow or a full-blown landscape, the world is your oyster.

Wallpaper shapes

If painting seems like too much of a hassle, give wallpaper application a go instead. Make sure to pick a design that creates a faux headboard effect, such as this rounded backdrop.

Scalloped velvet

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Looking for that touch of luxury in the bedroom? You can never go wrong with some rich, dark velvet. The scalloped shape of this headboard adds a whimsical note that makes it extra special.

Curves and borders

This headboard is a stunning two-in-one: it comes with rounded corners for a soft look and is also distinguished by a continuous, dark border, making it a tad edgy.

Storage nooks

If you want more out of a headboard than just aesthetics, a chunky backdrop with built-in storage nooks may be just the thing for you. Just make sure that the thick headboard doesn’t take up too much space if your bedroom is fairly small.

Edgy textures

For an edgy bedroom design, a fabric headboard may not be the best choice. This dark, solid headboard offers plenty of texture with its straight ridges, giving it a decidedly modern, high-end look.

Rattan refuge

Instead of sticking to the typical headboard height, this rattan pick extends and curves around the edges of the bed, giving the impression of a cosy embrace. Definitely one for Scandi-style bedrooms!

Upholstered patterns

Bored of minimalism and looking for something that catches the eye? Get your headboard upholstered with a bold and colourful fabric of your choice, such as this striking pattern. You can even re-upholster the rest of your furniture and get cushion covers to match!

Multi-side design

Who said that headboards can only take up one side of the bedroom? This quirky design wraps around the bed in three separate but connected arches, turning the bed into a one-of-a-kind focal point.