5 DIY Coasters To Jazz Up Your Dining Table


Add a fun touch to your surfaces with these whimsical coasters!

  • Novel accentsDIY-Felt-Mat-Coasters-Body ImageIt’s easy to tastefully play around with funky patterns and textures if they’re kept to small accents. These were cut out from stiff felt mats instead of their floppy cousins so they look better, are more durable and water resistant.
  • Sweet stacks
    These mini wood pallets are cute and inexpensive to make. We simply sawed timber strips and square dowels to size, then assembled them with super glue. Plus side, these will look even better with time and usage.
  • Swirling around
    You can make a few of these whirls in a jiffy, and you can make them as big as you want to suit different implements. Coil twine around itself, dabbing superglue along the way until your desired size. Afterwards, leave the ends out for a quirky look or glue them down for a neater appearance.
  • All caps
    Besides using empty jars as vases and candleholders, you can use their lids as cup holders too. We lined these with cork sheets that have been stamped to add an extra level of visual detail.
  • Cool frames
    Turn your favourite shots into Polaroid-inspired coasters. Print images on photo paper, glue them onto a chipboard with Mod Podge, then spray two coats of sealer to safeguard and waterproof your creation.